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Try these 113 ways to improve your lifestyle NOW!

Do you feel that your life could be better, a little easier, more exciting? Do you yearn to improve on something and better yourself in some way, yet you’re just lost and have no idea where or how to even start? I’ve done the thinking for you so that you can follow it up with action TODAY! Some things in this list may require a little more time to plan or put into practice, though many are much easier. It’s a no brainer, try these 113 ways to improve your lifestyle NOW!

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Try these 113 ways to improve your lifestyle NOW! You'd be crazy not to.

113 ways to improve your lifestyle NOW!

  • Keep hydrated because without it.. Well, you’d die.
  • Spend at least ten minutes outside daily.
  • Stretch and move, it doesn’t matter how – just do!
  • Remove toxic people from your life, even if those people are your family.
  • Pamper yourself, because you deserve to!
  • Try a new hair colour or style.
  • Commit to eating healthier. You don’t need to turn into a rabbit, but just being a little more mindful can go a long way.

Our mental and physical health is just as important as the other..

  • Cut down on alcohol. As a result you’ll look and feel healthier, save money and won’t have that awful feeling of dread after a crazy night!
  • Swap fizzy drinks for water – fruit infused water is a great way to add some pizzazz to the usually bland and boring liquid.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep.
  • Make time to relax – remember we aren’t robots and all need a little downtime, often!
  • Practice mindfulness and/or meditation.
  • Listen to music more – I mean really listen, the music, the lyrics, take it all in!
  • Purchase daylight bulbs – I’ve done this recently and I can’t express how in love with them I am!
  • Establish a relaxing bedtime routine in order to get better sleep.
Try these 113 ways to improve your lifestyle now! Including fun in your morning routine will motivate you to get out of bed

Found any you like the idea of yet?

  • Make your morning routine fun as well as productive and you will find yourself more motivated to get out of bed!
  • Write a list of everything you’ve accomplished in life, as a result of this you’ll feel a huge boost. You may also become inspired to do more, right away!
  • Create a list of your favourite memories and refer back to them when you need a boost!
  • Write a bucket list for this year and have fun doing everything on it!
  • Keep a journal, it has many benefits such as clearing your mind, helping to deal with stress and learning about your triggers and habits.
  • Work with a therapist – there’s no shame in it, it’s so hard accepting that we need help and going in search of it. Doing so shows your strength!
  • Get a pet, seriously, they’re amazing for your mental health!

Lets face it, animals are nicer than humans, anyway!

  • Explore a new hobby, you can never have too many and at least you’ll never be bored!
  • Get creative, you can do anything with this. Who knows you may even be able to start a business through any creative venture you pursue.
  • Read for fun!
  • Turn off phone notifications and social media, this will limit distractions.
  • Have a no screen day, it’s like turning off your notifications, only better!
  • Have a mass clear out of your living space.
  • Donate to charity, this kills two birds with one stone because not only are you de-cluttering your space but you’re helping others, too!
  • Treat yourself to anything you fancy, you’ve earned it!
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Maybe a few of these..

  • Practice gratitude on a daily basis.
  • Learn to care only about your own thoughts and feelings about yourself.
  • Limit judging people, it’s a pointless endeavour anyway and the kind of energy none of us need.
  • Learn to say no, by doing this you’ll open yourself up to saying yes to more of what you want!
  • Take a sick day when it’s needed, nobody wants your germs anyway!
  • Stop feeling guilty when you need to recharge, we are not machines we can’t work 24/7.
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  • Stop comparing your life to others, when you do you’ll begin living your life for yourself.
  • Don’t base your self worth on someone else’s opinions or treatment of you.
  • Plan trips and travel more.
  • Learn how to forgive yourself and others.
  • Become comfortable with your past so that you can move on with your life.
  • Put your own wants and needs first for a change!
  • Help someone for the sake of helping but also, because you’ll feel better for doing so.

A little creativity in the home can never be a bad thing.

  • Create a dream board.
  • Print out pictures and hang them on the walls in frames.
  • Re-decorate your space.
  • Plant some flowers or fruit/veggies.
  • Move things around in your environment. This one is like re-decorating, though it takes less time.
  • Hire a cleaner/gardener/other service to make life easier!
  • Start a charity or take part in a charity event.
  • Sign up to the organ donation register.
  • Give blood!
  • Join Blog Like A Boss because doing so will improve your own blog!
Improve your life and join Blog Like A Boss Bloggers Network Group
  • Start a self hosted blog, Siteground are a personal favourite of mine.
  • Ask for guest posters or to guest post on someone else’s blog.
  • Collaborate with other bloggers.
  • Reach out to brands with a work proposal.
  • Learn photography.
  • Find a new way to edit your photos.
  • Create your own branding and graphics.
  • Outsource your branding or graphics if it really isn’t your thing.
  • Outsource other blog work.
  • Get accepted for affiliate marketing with companies you love.
  • Dress for success even if you work from home.
  • Write out your goals – read them every day!
  • Reflect on if you’re in a career that makes you happy.
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  • Use to-do lists to keep organised and focused.
  • Clear out your e-mail inbox.
  • Go back to college/take a course online.
  • Never stop reading and taking in more information.
  • De-clutter your desk.
  • Organise your paperwork and get rid of what you no longer need.
  • Become more organised in general.
  • Learn how to drive and the world will be your oyster!
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  • Call your Mom.
  • Grab coffee with your sibling.
  • Try out Go Karting with your niece/nephew.
  • Call someone everyday just to check in.
  • Write a letter and post it instead of using social media.
  • Make plans to meet up with friends and family in person.
  • Give a genuine compliment to someone every day, even if it’s a stranger.

Remember: If you improve your communication skills your relationships will become better as a result of this.

  • Listen more than you speak.
  • Accept responsibility for your mistakes.
  • Learn how to apologise and actually mean it.
  • Communicate, don’t harbour resentments, also speak openly and honestly.
  • Start a savings account.
  • Use a swear jar!
  • Eat out less/try out meal prepping.
  • Actually use coupons, you’ll save yourself some money!
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Finishing the list off..

  • Look for the best deals when making purchases.
  • Create a budget for yourself and stick to it!
  • Up-cycle things.
  • Keep a list of anything you would like or need, then make the most of the sales throughout the year for some great bargains.
  • Get people’s birthday gifts for the year on Christmas 3 for 2 deals.
  • Stop impulsive spending!

Please remember to…

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Try these 113 ways to improve your lifestyle NOW!

Or when all else fails….

Have a cuppa! Some of these I’ve done or am already working on, a fair few I’ll definitely be trying out, such as continuing to learn how to drive, doing some online courses and having more screen detox days! Which will you, or have you, already tried? Do you have anything to add to this list? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Remember that good karma and don’t forget to share this with a friend to bring about a positive change in their lives, too!

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  1. You’ve got some great suggestions here, many of which are part of my regular routine – getting outside, spending time with the pets, changing up my hairstyle, etc lol

    1. Thank Britt, I’m glad you think so. I need to join you on the changing my hair, mine is long overdue another dye.. I actually have the dye too but never get around to it. *Rolls eyes*

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