To succeed – Engage with, value and respect your readers

I see it often, bloggers asking why their engagement on social media isn’t doing well, why blog traffic has been diminishing. They once received a healthy amount of likes, comments and shares, yet these days it’s become a barren wasteland. There’s a few things you must consider if you wish to succeed – engage with, value and respect your readers.

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I’m excited to say that today’s post is the first guest post here on Everything Starts With Tea. Musing on today’s post we have a fellow blogger, Champ Soldier. Champ Soldier has worked for blogs in the past and aspires to start their own soon. Until then, you can find Champ Soldier on Twitter. So – without further ado, I give you today’s guest poster!

The importance of engaging with your readers

You aim to start a conversation with almost every blog post as a blogger and your readers/followers engage in the conversation by commenting on your blog post, while you engage in it by replying to the comments. And it is so important to not just start but also engage in the conversation. 

Look, when you engage with a reader you make the reader feel more than just a visitor on your blog. You make them feel like an important player in your team and that’s good for the success of your blog, because readers are like customers and when customers feel like they are part of the business, the business blossoms. 

For a business to succeed you have to invest time in your customers, not just in your product or brand, because when you invest time in your customers your customers won’t just buy your product but will also sell it. The same thing happens when you engage with your readers as a blogger, they won’t just visit your blog but will also invite people to visit your blog and that’s good news for your blog.

Yes, bloggers are the busiest internet bees, but the strength of their hives lies with their readers. So not making time for your readers as a blogger is bringing lemons to your world of honey.

When you don’t engage with your readers you make them feel like they do not count or matter and when they feel like that, it won’t be long until they stop paying your blog a visit and that’s bad news for your blog.

Engaging with them is one of the best ways you can invest in your blog. So practice it and keep at it. 

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Why it is so important to respect your reader’s opinions

On a blog post, you pen down your opinions about certain topics or matters. As a blogger this, and the fact that you own the blog, doesn’t make your opinions facts. Your readers will have a different opinion at times and you have to respect your reader’s opinions, because when you don’t, they won’t respect yours too and that means your blog will be a troll’s-party. 

On a blog post, you pen down your opinions about certain topics or matters as a blogger, most of the times and the fact that you own the blog doesn’t make your opinions facts. Your readers will have a different opinion at times and you have to respect your reader’s opinions, because when you don’t, they won’t respect yours too and that means your blog will be a troll’s-party. 

Though you own the blog, your opinions remain opinions. They don’t change to be facts. You have to fully understand that as a blogger. 

Yes, it’s your blog and a blog is a business, but your readers are more like your customers, not your employees. If they were your employees, you would pay them, but you don’t, right? So don’t play boss on them unless the fall of your blog is your desire.

Blogging requires listening to and respecting your followers

Making your opinions facts is thinking you own the minds of your readers and that is a wrong. That’s surely being disrespectful towards your readers, which is one of the biggest mistakes you can make as a blogger, because you can’t write to your full potential when you don’t respect your readers, and your writing can’t improve when you don’t write to your full potential. So having no respect for your readers is your own loss as a blogger.

When you play boss on your readers you are blocking the same traffic your blog needs and that means your blog will crash in no time. That’s like being bossy towards your customers – that brings the business to the ground.

You may be a great writer that provides great content, but when you make your opinions a fact, your blog won’t be a success and that’s a fact, not an opinion.

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So there you go, to succeed – engage with, value and respect your readers! Thank you so much for your thoughts, Champ Soldier. Don’t forget, to engage with Champ a little more you can head over to Twitter! So, what did you make to this nugget of information? Do you agree with the above? Are you consistently engaging with your readers? Do you value the opinions of all? I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing about these today I learned some new knowledge from this post. Keep sharing such as like this informative article. These Unique ideas helped me a lot. I and my friends are reading your article regularly. Please keep writing. It is inspire us.
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    1. Thank you for your comment Erfan, it’s great to know that you and your friends have found this post to be helpful! I have every intention to continue writing for a very long time. Great request, I’ll definitely find a space for this in my content calendar – thank you!

      In the meantime I have a bloggers networking group over on Facebook, please feel free to join it. It’s packed full of tips and tricks and there’s always someone around to help with queries or point you in the right direction. It’s called Blog Like A Boss and here’s the link to it:

  2. So excellent points within this post! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that is the joy of being human; we each have our own minds and don’t have to agree with each other.

    Thank you for sharing!

    – Nyxie

    1. Exactly! I wish more people felt this way and could just muddle along alongside others peacefully regardless of differing viewpoints. We’re all human at the end of the day! Thank you for your comment Nyxie, I’m glad you enjoyed this post. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed this post, I’ll be sure to pass your comment onto Champ Soldier, too. 🙂 I feel the contents of this post are something a lot of people miss (and can be considered by all regardless of being bloggers) yet it’s so important to consider, especially for those of us with an online presence or business.

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! This was the work of ‘Champ Soldier’, though I do echo his words on this particular piece. It’s such a huge part of valuing your readers. Create a welcoming, positive place, and they’ll be sure to come back time and time again! 🙂

    1. They sure are, just because someone has a different opinion to someone else never warrants being rude, it’s completely unnecessary. I like to listen to another side to something, to find out what makes people tick, it teaches me more about a range of things.. Plus, respect costs nothing. Treat others how you’d like to be treat yourself. It makes me feel so disheartened when I see others tearing one another down based on their differences of opinion – it should instead be celebrated! 🙂

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