The One Thing I Hate About Twitter Chats

You may not know yet but I recently expanded the Blog Like A Boss Facebook group, bringing it to Twitter also, in the form of a retweet account. There’s threads, a list for members of the Facebook group and a weekly Twitter chat that’s based on different topics all related to blogging. There’s a certain etiquette in the blogging world and I know many a thing annoys many a hardworking blogger. Since recently hosting my own chat, something I’ve seen countless times has irritated me more than ever and so brings me to write today’s post – The One Thing I Hate About Twitter Chats.

The One Thing I Hate About Twitter Chats

Bloggers Helping Bloggers

The blogging community can be absolutely amazing. There’s so many of us out there willing to help and support one another in a number of ways. This can be by retweeting, giving tips and tricks, sharing opportunities to work with brands or collaborate with others and so much more. Many bloggers, myself included, will create retweet accounts or networking groups filled with opportunities and help in order to increase blog traffic and build a larger audience. We’re a friendly bunch.

Manners Cost Nothing

We will help others and expect nothing in return. Whilst networking groups often have a few rules, they are there for a reason. We aren’t trying to be a buzzkill and the least other’s can do is to simply follow the rules. This could be something as simple as using the relevant threads in a group. By using the relevant threads you’re helping to keep the group tidy and the many topics are much easier to find. Likewise, it’s easier for other’s to find a post you’ve written if the link has been left in the designated place.

It can come across as quite rude, someone has put in the time to create this group to help others. They’ve taken the time to devise a set of rules in which means it’s fair for everyone, also that the group is easy to navigate. A handful of people think it’s fine to ignore the rules, post their blog link everywhere irrelevant or to use the group wall for self promotion. This lack of consideration for other people unfortunately, happens everywhere – from spammy comments left on blogs and Instagram, to failing to follow the rules on Facebook and Twitter.

Following the rules actually helps you! If you’re seen by others to be breaking them, they’re going to avoid you. They won’t bother checking out your blog or leaving you a comment. You’ll fail to gain followers or make connections. Others aren’t going to be willing to work with you, they’ll be unwilling to give you any help. I mean, why should we? Why should we want to help someone who’s showing a clear lack of respect?

The One Thing I Hate About Twitter Chats

The One Thing I Hate About Twitter Chats

Link dropping. This blogging horror is something that happens everywhere! From spammy unoriginal comments, to dropping links on irrelevant threads. Link dropping is seen even on relevant threads, but where the culprit hasn’t bothered to reciprocate the support given.

Last but not least, link dropping happens in Twitter chats. I feel this is a particular breeding ground for such behaviour. The chat will take place and people will get involved by offering their own input, having a great time. As a result of this everyone involved will get real value from a well hosted chat.

At the end everyone will be invited to leave their blog link in the comments.. THAT! That is where the problem occurs. Random bloggers will crawl from the woodwork, dropping in links from nowhere – when they failed to get involved. They said absolutely nothing, no input at all! Or you’ll find some leaving a one word answer to one question.. That’s it. This comment will add absolutely no value to the chat in any way, shape or form. Yet for leaving this pointless drivel, the errant rogue feels justified in their shameless spamming. Just no!

Often you’ll find requests for new blogs to read – drop a link there, where it’s literally being asked of you to do so. Build some good karma for yourself and check a few others out, why not? Just don’t drop a link in something where you’ve not participated. It’s rude, it will leave a bad taste in people’s mouths, you’ll also be avoided like the plague.

Want to increase blog traffic?

Try joining a networking group, hashtag retweet accounts when promoting posts on Twitter, utilize your social media to make genuine connections and to promote effectively. Reciprocate, get to know the community and make some friends. Leave genuine comments on their posts and blogs. Add value and you’ll get value right back. There are so many different ways in which to promote your blog or business without harming your reputation in the process.

Ready to play fair on Facebook?

Join Blog Like A Boss! This is the inclusive home to all bloggers, across all niches, worldwide, regardless of goals, successes or a difference in journey. Daily threads assist with a range of things from blogging tips, brand work, working on collaborations, sharing old and new blog posts, connecting on social media and using each others affiliate links.

We welcome all but if you don’t play fair and follow the rules then it’s one warning and you’re out! This ensures I remain equally fair to all and guarantees an easy to navigate group. I don’t ask for much. I truly want to help you to build the blog of your dreams!

Twitter more your thing?

Then find BLAB there also, @BlogLikeABoss, contribute to one of four threads posted throughout the week, use the hashtag #BlogLikeABoss for a retweet on the posts needing a boost, of course, get involved with the weekly chat, too. Just please, play fair! I’m always looking for hosts for Twitter Chat Tuesdays, if you’d like more information and to get involved then please do get in touch!

The One Thing I Hate About Twitter Chats

So now you know the one thing I hate about Twitter chats. Aside from this I do honestly adore them, they’re so much fun and are packed with valuable information. Do you feel the same annoyance with those only out for personal gain? What do you love and hate about Twitter chats? What about the blogging community as a whole? Are you guilty of link dropping and will this help you to amend your ways?

If you’d like additional information on anything mentioned in this post then don’t hesitate to let me know. Please do fire your requests at me and I’ll get to work on it!

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11 thoughts on “The One Thing I Hate About Twitter Chats

    1. Was just about to say that I’ve not had any IG spam for a while, then I remembered I’ve not uploaded anything to my grid in absolutely ages. It’s such a pain, isn’t it? You’d think that these people would have worked out by now that nobody is going to go check them out if they’re being annoying!

      1. Yeah i changed my settings on instagram so i have to approve messages. usually its just spam and person trying to interact never has any followers or actual content. I did get a few photography requests though to shoot some portraits, something ive wanted to do for a while

        1. That’s good, hopefully it will reduce the amount you get by doing that, too. That sound great, are you going to do it? I remember you saying years ago that you’d like to try out portrait!

          1. Yeah i will get myself back into photography, got to get my mojo back eventually and start enjoying it again. I will find some willing volunteers, i have some experience with working at Leeds rugby so its just finding people wanting portraits and locations

  1. That drives me nuts too. If you genuinely want to grow your blog following and connect with other bloggers, then come join in the actual chat! You’ll get way more out of it, and you’ll get to (fairly) drop your link at the end – which people are much more likely to check out and interact with because they just had the chance to actually get to know you

    1. Exactly, Twitter chats are fun and a great opportunity to find out valuable information! It’s unnecessary to link drop, there’s people out there looking for new blogs to read and will actually ASK other’s to drop their links. It’s just so senseless, irritating and rude! Alas, I suppose the blogging community can’t be filled with awesome people like us, huh? 😛

  2. I have never joined a Twitter chat with bloggers before but I would like to connect with more bloggers! What time do they start on Tuesday? 😁

    1. They’re a great way to connect with others in the blogging world and can open our eyes to a tonne of tips and tricks, too! Twitter Chat Tuesdays are weekly at 8-9PM GMT. Looking forward to you getting involved Ami! 🙂

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