The Best Website for the Gaming Obsessed

Are you in need of gift ideas for that gaming obsessed person in your life? Maybe it’s a birthday, or you’ve just realised that Father’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re looking for both the best games and bargains then you won’t want to miss out on the best website for the gaming obsessed.

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The Best Website for the Gaming Obsessed

Are you on the lookout for gifts? Gaming is always a great choice! For your Brother, Dad, Granddad, Mom, Sister, Auntie, Uncle, Cousin, Best Friend – you get the drill. We all love gaming and it’s a fantastic way to get a little down time and relaxation, one of the ultimate ways to simply switch off and take time out for yourself. No wonder it’s so popular, appealing to the child within.

With Father’s Day creeping around the corner I see no better time to share this post with you, though the gift of gaming isn’t only limited to Father’s Day, or the men in our life. Maybe you’re a single Mom and are celebrating Father’s Day on the basis of doing both parents job, why shouldn’t you reap the benefits? I know I have! Of course, it could be an anniversary or birthday gift you’re going after. It could be that you just like treating your loved ones now and then.

No need to splurge!

With games becoming more and more expensive as the years pass by it’s becoming less of a treat and more of a “Holy hell I need a bank loan for this!”. Take Sims 4 expansion packs on Origin for example… They’re going at £35 each… What the hell? I remember the days where you’d get about three expansion packs for Christmas alongside a tonne of other presents… I can’t imagine that now.

Luckily I have the answer and it lies within what is probably my favourite website on the internet. This website has allowed me to treat myself a little for my recent blog successes (A Blog Like A Boss re-brand, Versatile, Sunshine and Bloggers Recognition Awards).

The Best Website for the Gaming Obsessed

G2A is a godsend! Whilst looking at expansion packs on Origin being £35 a pop, you head over to G2A where you can get The Sims 4 Seasons for around £14. Guys that’s over half price! There’s also bundles including a game pack and two stuff packs for as little as £15.97! Put it this way, I was able to get 8 Sims 4 games for less than £70, that’s including the transaction charge.

Transaction Charge: This is added to your order at the end and includes handling etc. I was pretty alarmed to discover this at first as it’s not mentioned beforehand. That being said, the games STILL work out cheaper even with that included.

It’s kind of like Amazon but specifically for gaming. Scroll to the bottom of a product page where you will then find other sellers. You’re able to sort this by best price or rating. Click the shopping cart to add it to your trolley. Once you’ve made a purchase you’re taken to a screen where you then redeem your product keys. Get the key and add it into Origin, where you can then download straight away in a matter of minutes. Most of my games have taken less than a minute! It’s really that simple.

As previously stated I do have an affiliate link that I’d love you to use! This allows me to keep this blog running, however, I’d never recommend or promote something I don’t love! I’m a genuine, returning customer at G2A.

The Best Website for the Gaming Obsessed

Games for Everyone!

Below I’ll list a variety of game ideas, something for everyone. I hope you’ll find that perfect gift!


Call Of Duty

Sims 4

Please note: This isn’t an exhaustive list of the Sims 4 expansions, game and stuff packs.


The Best Website for the Gaming Obsessed

The best website for the gaming obsessed!

So there we have it – the best website for the gaming obsessed. I hope this list has helped to make a hard decision a little easier. Will you be buying any of these for Father’s Day? G2A has most games discounted even more right now so grab a bargain whilst the prices are crazily low! Do you already own any of the above, if so, which? Leave me a comment below.

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