Many of us have no idea where to start when deciding to start a self hosted blog or website. Due to this I’ve decided to share my trusted resources with you in the hope they’ll prove beneficial.

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Domain Name – NameCheap

I’ve used NameCheap on two occasions now for my domain name, for both my old blog and now this one. I’ve never had any problems with them. They send me notice well in advance when my domain is due to be renewed. I’m happy with the pricing. You can choose from different lengths of plans to suit your needs. I’m not affiliated with NameCheap at this time, further proof, I’d say, that I’m happy with this service!

Web Hosting – SiteGround

For me you can’t get better than SiteGround. Again I’ve used this hosting provider for both of my blogs. Both times they’ve wowed me. Round the clock chat is available for users that need help with anything. I’ve always been so thankful for the remarkable and prompt responses they give. I’ve never experienced down time on either blog, when using SiteGround. Nor have I had a slow website! Again there are different plans and it’s easy for someone to switch if they have a need to. SiteGround make literally everything easy with web hosting. No doubt about it, 5/5 from me.

Web Hosting

Legal – A Self Guru

If you have a blog or website you need to ensure you’re legal! There are certain pages required by law! How hard would this be for someone with no legal knowledge? I know I’d have gone into full on breakdown mode, if I’d not had the help from Amira. Amira/A Self Guru is a qualified lawyer in the US. Even us Brits have to comply with US laws, so despite her work being tailored towards US clients, it still works for everyone else.

I have made use of Amira’s knowledge and it’s given me such a great feeling of relief to know that I comply with all laws, including the new GDPR. If you’d like to know more please visit her website. Pages of interest are listed below.

Legal Bundle (everything you need to be above board!)
Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions

Plugins – Yoast SEO

Do yourself a favour and install Yoast SEO to your website right NOW! This is honestly the best plugin I have for my blog. Yoast SEO basically does the work for you. When writing a post you can easily check how it’s doing based on SEO value. The plugin tells you what’s great, what needs working on, and if there’s any issues. Getting yourself in the green before hitting publish will do no end of good. Do you want to rank in Google’s search results? I know I do! This plugin helps. The best part is, I’m absolutely clueless about SEO. Now I don’t need to understand it.. The plugin does that hard work for me! Phew. It doesn’t stop at your post, either, but also runs checks on meta data, descriptions, alt tags. It does everything, even with only the free version!

Resources I've used for my blog and recommend to you

This page will continue to be updated. Please ask if you’d like to know about any other aspect of my blog not already mentioned here.