My Daughter’s First Trip to the Stunning Seaside

You may remember me expressing in a previous post (all about goals) that I’d like to travel a little more this year. In particular I hoped to take my daughter to the beach for the first time. Now I have, and as well as sharing a few tips and short reviews of all that Scarborough has to offer, I also wanted to share our thrilling experience of an overall dreamy day. So, here we have it – my daughter’s first trip to the stunning seaside!

My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside

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It’s just been the Easter Bank Holiday weekend and my friend had some time off of work, so we decided to head to the beach! We chose to visit Scarborough and had originally planned to check out the Sea Life Centre there, as well as spending some time on the seafront. We just spent the day there and Austin drove us.

Swapping Sea Sick for Car Sick!

On the journey to Scarborough my little monkey got unwell. It was hotter than expected and due to slow moving traffic (and a few other things going on with the roads) it was a laboured drive to our destination. Not really helpful considering the sick situation, and no, I don’t mean sick in the good way… You know, the way that all the cool kids are using the word these days.

Autumn threw up multiple times, covering literally everything she was wearing. Down to a nappy and with nothing suitable packed to change her into, my priority was to get her some new clothes after arriving in Scarborough!

We decided to give Sea Life a miss, it was taking us a while getting there and so we’d have only been stressing out on arrival, trying to fit everything into the time we had.

Must Haves:
Baby Wipes
Nappy Sacks
Spare clothes!
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My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside

Upon Arrival – The start of my Daughter’s first trip to the stunning seaside

After a few hours stuck in a sick filled car, we were there! Yippee! We parked up a few minutes walk from the Seafront and it was £6 for the full day. I don’t think that’s too bad actually, though you can get cheaper parking not much further away. My priority of course was to get Autumn some new clothes. All I had was a pair of her jeans and a jumper. Yes, because that’s just perfect for an overheated little love who’s been throwing up!

Where we’d parked there was a walk up a ridiculously steep hill, but after defeating the incline it opened up the city centre to us. Can you believe there’s no Primark in Scarborough? I couldn’t believe it either, how the hell do they survive?!

My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside

Sparse Shopping..

Actually there isn’t much of anything. Something did however catch my eye. Something exciting indeed! I’ve been meaning to look up Pep & Co since my friend, Mary, bought my daughter some gorgeous clothes from there… Right before my eyes, what did I find? Yes, Pep & Co, turns out for those who also didn’t know – it’s Poundland! The prices are insane, the good kind of insane!

Darting off at 100mph I let myself run wild in the most glorious of places. I go mad in Poundland as it is because I think they have the cutest decorative items. Also the stationary, I’m a total fiend for it. I had to make like a fish and be reeled in! Managing to leave with only about a £30 hit to my bank balance, I was satisfied. I picked up a few new outfits for Autumn, her first ever pair of jelly shoes (also some in a size up), a few necessities and even, would you believe.. A new outfit for myself!

We also made a quick trip across the road to Cooplands to grab some bits for our lunch, then off we went in search of a pit stop.

My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside

A perfect little picnic

On our way into the city centre we passed an adorable little spot to have a picnic. It was the perfect location, and was on our way back to the car. There was a pond with a swan and a million ducks! Autumn’s got a bit of a duck obsession currently, so she was in her element.

I quickly got Autumn changed into some new clothes and set out a bowl with her food in. She surprised me by sitting perfectly the entire time! Since getting out of the car she’d perked up and her usual healthy appetite was back in full swing.

It’s such a shame that the Leeds Cooplands stores closed down, because it’s honestly heaven. The quality of the food compared to other establishments alike it is simply remarkable. Sure Greggs is good for it’s cheaper prices but it’s just a bargain basement. The two are in entirely different leagues. I have fallen in love with Cooplands. From their chicken bakes and cheese sticks full of flavour, to their fabulously fresh fruit tarts. Drool worthy. Moreish. Delightful.

We made friends with the ducks and attracted quite a crowd. This of course amazed Autumn. The area was very quiet, peaceful. The perfect location for a spot of lunch!

Must Haves:
Duck and Swan Feed
Kids No Spill Cups

My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside

Heading out to Sea – well, the Seafront!

On our way to the seafront we stopped off by the car to leave things we wouldn’t be needing. I also decided to change into my new outfit, as it was way too warm for high waist jeans! Let me tell you getting changed in a car isn’t what it once was, that’s for sure. It needs to be turned into an Olympic sport!

Approaching the seafront my excitement was palpable. I haven’t stepped foot on a beach for around 15 years, it was long overdue! We had a lovely stroll whilst scoping out a great spot on the beach. The tide was quite far in, reducing space for everyone. Before getting onto the beach I bought Autumn a bucket and spade set for £5.

Must Haves:
Bucket and Spade Set
Kids Sun Hat
Girls | Boys
Sun Lotion

My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside

Fun in the Sun

Getting comfortable on our patch of beach, the shoes came off, bucket and spade at the ready – it was time to relax and play. Austin made a poor attempt at making a sandcastle for Autumn… Though mine was even more shambolic!

For a long while Autumn was preoccupied with utter astonishment for the beach, the sea and the sand. The presence of many dogs however, really put her at ease. Though you are told the beach isn’t for dogs nobody listens and it’s very much dog friendly. Much to Autumn’s delight of course, who was waving at each and every one.

By the end of our time on the beach she’d had tonnes of fun, raking and digging up the sand and collecting it in her bucket. A definite winner were Autumn’s new jelly shoes, she was and still is obsessed! She was sad to be leaving, as were I. That beach had certainly captured both of our hearts.

My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside

Bitter taste

Unfortunately there was something that irked me. One incredibly rude woman. She saw a nappy on the beach and rather than removing it if it caused her so much alarm, she instead chose to point the finger at me. On her high horse, looking down on me as I packed away to leave, she assumed the nappy was mine.

As it happens, I had changed Autumn on the beach, and put the dirty nappy in a sack, UNDER MY PRAM! Anyway, after calling me out, loudly, for littering, she wasn’t quite so pleased to be reminded that actually there were many families with young children on that beach. Receiving no apology, she simply walked on by, with her dog. I wonder does she make a point to clear away her dogs mess?

I can’t help but feel like she targeted me in particular because I’m a single parent. Easy target that I was, she’s also clearly one of those people that just love to cause a scene. Drama Llama. You never know what another is going through. To publicly shame or target someone for no good reason is nasty and uncalled for.

My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside

Time for some Seafront Shopping

Next, we hit the shops. The first one we went into was in search of rock. I only found the same bucket and spade set for £2 less than I’d bought Autumn’s for. There was a larger choice of colours, too. Typical!

I got a small selection of rock to take home for my Mom, a Grandma rock, chocolate lime and blue raspberry. I treat myself to a gin and tonic one, it was delicious.

The staff were lovely, extremely friendly. They remarked how they only got their TY stand a month or so ago and it’s been doing well. As I do whenever I see these stands, I had to get Autumn a couple Beanie Boos to add to her collection. I’ve yet to have seen the two I bought, a gorilla and mouse. Autumn loves her George! The mouse has been stored away for her birthday.

My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside

Cool Down

The most delectable ice cream I’ve ever tasted was the one we got from Carte Dor. I had the bubblegum marshmallow (with small marshmallow pieces) and eton mess (with pieces of meringue and raspberry) in a Smarties chocolate topped cone. It was absolutely mouthwatering. I’ve not stopped thinking about it since. Definitely recommend!

My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside - Sleepy Stroll
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside - Sleepy Stroll
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside - Sleepy Stroll
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside - Sleepy Stroll
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside - Sleepy Stroll

Sleepy Stroll

Autumn napped in her pram as we wandered, taking in the sights and snapping a few selfies along the way, before stopping off for our evening meal.

My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside - Winking Willy's

Winking Willies

Our friend Mary would approve of this place, she knows why! It was a pleasant restaurant with incredibly friendly staff. Autumn loved the abundance of women and was constantly smiling at them all. She also made friends with a charming elderly man. Many of the people were so friendly, which is unfortunately a bit of a rarity these days!

I had fish and chips, as is a must when at the seaside. The fish was extremely fresh and the meal was nice, I did however have one problem. The skin was left on the fish on one side. Although it came off of the fish easily enough the same wasn’t the case for the batter. I had to leave the batter from one side which was disappointing as I always enjoy that part.

Must Haves:

My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside - Making Tracks

Making Tracks

We had a slow stroll back along the seafront, spotting an Iggle Piggle ride, much to Autumn’s pleasure. She waved at another 100 dogs before getting back to the car.

It was much quicker to get home, only taking one and a half hours. All in all we had an absolutely amazing day. Exactly what I needed. Everything seems slower and calmer there. It’s like being a world away from reality.

My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside - Making Tracks

My Daughter’s First Trip to the Stunning Seaside – Top Tips!

  • Parking is available in the city centre for £3 and is still only a few minutes away from the beach. Parking is also free at one end of the seafront (North side of Scarborough) if after 6PM.
  • Try go to shops further from the beach for the bargains. Even venturing as little as across the road sees a significant drop in price!
  • Don’t try fit absolutely everything into one day if you want to remain stress free. By leaving out Sea Life it gave us the chilled out day we needed.
  • The beach isn’t the only delight. There’s hidden gems tucked away if you take the time to explore a little.
  • It’s VERY hilly, you’ve been warned!
My Daughter's First Trip to the Stunning Seaside - Top Tips

So that’s that – my Daughter’s first trip to the stunning seaside.

The day was pretty close to perfect. My only wish is that we’d have had longer there. It doesn’t matter if your child is young or older, or if you have no children… There’s fun for all ages!

Is Scarborough a favourite of yours? Is there anywhere you’d recommend? I’m hoping to go back in the summer so I’d love to hear your thoughts, leave me a comment below!

Would you be interested in seeing the purchases I picked up? If so, get in touch and I’ll work on a little something!

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11 thoughts on “My Daughter’s First Trip to the Stunning Seaside

  1. This looks like a great adventure!! Though it did break my heart a bit that you haven’t been to the beach in 15 years. Once summer hits I don’t think I even go 15 hours between beach trips. But all I have when I go is sand and an icy cold lake… the whole trip looked lovely.

    My little friend gets car sick a lot too. It might help to take off her coat shoes and socks. Especially if she gets sick from over heating.

    1. Everything just gets to kids more than us, doesn’t it? Makes sense really we’re used to it for starters, well, kinda. Normally us Brits joke about only getting 2 – 3 days of Summer! 😛 Autumn never wears a coat in the car as it’s against our car seat and travel regulations over here and for the majority of the journey she was literally only in a nappy. There was a lot of waiting in traffic which wasn’t the best, she’s happier overall when the car is actually moving.

      It was amazing! I agree with you, I felt like a child again – it was definitely long overdue! Do you live quite close to the beach then? 🙂

      1. We’re not meant to have coats on in car either.
        I do we’ve actually got several beaches but I only ever go to the one in town. I can not wait till it’s warm enough!!

        1. Send some of your beaches my way, please please please! I mean, I’m lucky there’s coastal areas in Yorkshire, but it’s still a one and half hour drive at the very least.

          1. I wish I could. I couldn’t survive a summer away from a beach. An hour and a half is just too far. I’m trying to come up with a way to live closer to the beach. I’d like it in my back yard.

          2. I’d love to live closer, but not too close… My ideal would be close enough for a sea view but not close enough for my house to disappear with cliffs or be in danger of any huge waves engulfing my home. I get too paranoid of these kinds of scenario. 😛

    1. She absolutely loved it! I can’t wait to take her back there, I was craving another trip to the beach almost as soon as we’d come home. I’m with you on that, Britt… It’s been chucking it down here for the last few days… Such a cruel contrast to a few weeks ago ha ha!

    1. Thank you Kimmie, yeah heat certainly takes it’s toll on little ones more so than us adults doesn’t it, poor little love. Nothing a mini shopping trip can’t sort out though! 😉 I have to give credit to the location for the pictures, everything looks so much better in the sunshine!

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