How You can Honour the Memory of a Beloved Fur Baby

This isn’t the happiest of posts but it’s one that I hope will offer support to other’s in the same or similar situation that I was recently dumped in. In this post I’ll be giving my honest, personal review of a pet cremation service, so that when the time comes you can honour the memory of a beloved fur baby, too.

How You can Honour the Memory of a Beloved Fur Baby Rabbits

My Recent Heartbreak

On March 14th of this year my beloved rabbit, Echo, was a little under the weather and so I took her to the vets. She got looked over and a treatment plan was discussed. There was most certainly hope, as I was told to come back in half an hour to pick her up, then continue her treatment at home.

Going back I was devastated to be told that she was dead. I have a few issues with the vets over this, such as the receptionist being the one to tell me with a deadpan, emotionless expression. Another issue being that they failed to offer me any assistance regarding her final resting place. Vets would usually offer to assist by recommending a crematorium, as they have a company in which they have a partnership with. I was left to get on with this myself, simply handed my girl’s lifeless body.

As well as my grief to deal with I of course then had to think fast and get Echo’s cremation organised. I thought back to the loss of her brother, Eden, and looked up the same company used when he passed last year. It felt only right that they should both have the same treatment and so I got in touch with them for a quote. I’ll share my experience of both times, using the company CPC Cares, whilst also remembering my two beautiful babies.

Eden was like a lion. He was massive, regal and stunning.

Eden Jasper Davis

Eden was supposed to be a girl, according to the vets when him and Echo were babies. Those babies however, had four babies of their own, proving that to not be the case. Eden was like a lion. He was massive, regal and stunning. One year he launched himself at me whilst at the vets. He was so heavy, it was like carrying a three year old child. Out of the two he was the most loving and enjoyed cuddles here and there. He was also an utter wuss! When playing in the garden he’d binky in the grass. This was the most ridiculous sight due to his enormous size. I often thought he’d cause an earthquake doing so, too. Eden was less inquisitive than Echo, due to his timid nature. He was happier to chill out and lounge – a lot!

Eden gave the best cuddles, so big, warm and snuggly.

My first experience with CPC Cares.

I first encountered this company when Eden died. He was ill and so I took him to an out of hours emergency vets in Morley, Leeds. Abbey House, by the way, are absolutely incredible. I completely trust them, they’re professional and clearly know what they’re doing. Of course, Eden sadly didn’t pull through, though they did absolutely everything they could for him. I already knew I would want him cremated. A place I’d used in the past had been unsatisfactory and so when Abbey House recommended the one they use I didn’t hesitate in accepting their recommendation. They sorted everything out for me. I chose and paid for Eden’s urn there and then. All I then had to do was pick him up a few days later.

He was handed over to me in a very professional gift bag which held a beautiful velvet box. Inside that, Eden’s stunning paw print urn. A card inside reads the date of cremation, condolences and his name. I’m still very happy with the service then, my experience of Echo’s goes even beyond that, however.

How You can Honour the Memory of a Beloved Fur Baby Echo

Echo Jasmine Davis

Echo was darker and smaller than Eden, and spent her youth humping his head. Though it must have worked, as they had their babies. Echo had been the perfect Mom. At only six months old and still a baby herself she made sure each were well fed and happy. She was absolutely knackered but looked so proud. When they left she missed them. I have never been so proud of an animal before.

Echo was absolutely stunning. The protector of the two, listening out for danger. She’d eat anything in sight, greedy little munchkin. She’d use Eden’s fat to snuggle into. Echo idolised her brother/partner, but she was the boss! Throughout their lives she’d assert her dominance by humping his head, then running away as he’d chase her to bite her bum! She enjoyed keeping him on his toes! Echo would often push me away, grunting, putting me in my place. Although a little reserved she did have a huge soft spot for her Grandma and was always excited to see her.

I remember a time she attacked my head with their hay holder, getting it stuck in my hair. Whilst trying to play my guitar, I managed to get the picture above. She’d give me random, adorable nose bumps. Always very inquisitive, she’d check out everything in sight at the vets.

Echo was the proudest rabbit Mommy. She melts my heart.

My babes

Echo and Eden gave me many beautiful, happy years. At Christmas one year we all got in a huge cardboard box and turned it into our own box fort. We had a blast and they ran absolute rings around me. ‘You are my sunshine’ is their song, I’d often sing it to them. I sang it one last time the night before Echo’s body was taken away from me. My final goodbye to the both of them.

How You can Honour the Memory of a Beloved Fur Baby Rabbits

My recent experience of CPC Cares

After already experiencing an excellent quality of service I had high hopes of CPC. How could they possibly then surpass this? The nearest branch of the company is in Sheffield. As it’s a little out of reach I didn’t know if they’d come out to my home. On their website it states they’ll pick up pets from the vet. There’s also the option to travel to them, even being allowed to attend the cremation. I gave head office a call, who passed me onto their bereavement line. I spoke to a charming, lovely man. Astounded by the fact I’d been left to deal with this, he assured me I could have Echo collected and brought back to my home. I was given a quote and the number for the Sheffield branch.

Specifically Sheffield

I called David in Sheffield. He works alone there and talked me through the service in detail. David has a warm nature, is helpful and was supportive throughout the entire experience. He asked me questions and made sure everything was taken care of as smoothly as possible. Asking also, if I’d like some of Echo’s fur. I opted for yes.

I found David to be exactly the same in person as he was over the phone, asking if I’d had enough time with Echo when he arrived. To make things easier he took her in her carrier, as she was already in there, bringing it back to me the next time he came. David is a great listener and gives reassurance. He has a lovely manner and showed utmost respect to myself and Echo at all times.

The following day I recieved a courtesy call from David, checking the spelling of my name and confirming the time he’d be bringing Echo home the next day. It’s a quick service, I called on the Friday, Echo was picked up on the Monday and by Wednesday morning she was back home.

CPC Cares Pet Crematorium - Five out of five stars speechless

Time to come home..

When he’d brought Echo home, David listened as I recalled memories of both Echo and Eden. He showed to me and explained everything that had been done. Again, I was given Echo in a gift bag, containing this time, a cardboard box with her name on. Then inside the box is the same gorgeous velvet box as Eden has, also with packing peanuts to stop her from being bashed around. I’d chosen the paw print urn for Echo too. It feels right for them to have the same. Packed away also, was Echo’s fur cuttings. David had got more than I’d expected, and ensured he’d got both of her colourings. Due to having her lighter fur, the same colour as Eden, it feels like I have a little of them both. It felt like they’d both come home that day. Emotional in the most bittersweet way.

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On a whole

I’m absolutely blown away with this service. CPC Cares are exemplary. They have extremely caring and helpful staff on the phone lines. David himself proved to be professional, considerate and respectful to both myself and Echo. He gives his time and ensures that everything is done to perfection. I cannot fault this business.

The urns are lovely and there’s an extensive range to choose from, to suit any and all needs. CPC make a truly heartbreaking situation that little easier to cope with, taking away the stress. It’s a definite five stars from me. If you’d like more information please do ask. This was worth every penny for my beloved, beautiful, babies.

So that’s how you can honour the memory of a beloved fur baby, you can find CPC Cares online at the following web address:

8 thoughts on “How You can Honour the Memory of a Beloved Fur Baby

    1. Thank you, Kimmie. I don’t think many of us think of cremation as even being an available option.. The final resting place isn’t something nice to have to think about to begin with, but because it’s the usual to bury our fur babies many of us assume that it’s our only choice. I found out a few years ago that cremation is offered for smaller animals too, such as hamsters! That one really shocked me but it’s so lovely that we do have that choice. All of my hamsters have always been such an important part of the family, as much as larger animals.

  1. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. That company sounds like an incredible option for people in your area, especially David. It’s clear that he’s a warm hearted individual who truly cares for these pets and their owners. I’m so glad that you were able to connect with him at such a hard time.

    1. Thank you, yes it’s definitely what I needed. It was all such an awful ordeal, at least CPC made it just that little more bearable. David was an absolute gem, as was the lovely guy on the bereavement line!

  2. I am so, so sorry to hear of your grief. We lost our family dog 3 years ago and it was so awful. We cremated him and he now sits proudly on Mum and Dad’s fireplace. Every year on the anniversary of his death we take some of his ashes out and scatter them in his favourite place to walk.

    I know many people say they are only animals, but they are so, so much more than that.

    – Nyxie

    1. Thank you Nyxie, I agree, they’re a part of the family as much as any other family member! Most of the time, I prefer animals to humans! They’re such beautiful, pure souls. That sounds like a lovely way to remember your pooch, I’m sure he loves being able to go for a walk again, even if only in spirit. ❤️

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