How To Increase Followers With This Simple Tip

Are you finding it hard to increase your blog followers despite publishing great content consistently, promoting your posts across all social media platforms, utilizing SEO and having great engagement rates on your easy to navigate blog? Do you only see a handful of people within your e-mail subscriptions list? Then it might be time to find out how to increase followers with this simple tip.

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How To Increase Followers With This Simple Tip

So you’re doing everything right. You’ve got e-mail opt-ins, you have all the best widgets, gidgets, gadgets and plugins ever created yet you don’t know where else to go from here. We can solve that and it needn’t be a headache or take all day.

Remember when….

Maybe you started out your blogging journey with a free account on, like many of us. Blogs on there automatically display the follow button, you could also add it onto your sidebar, remember that? Have you noticed that’s a distant memory since going self hosted? All we’ve got now is the boring old e-mail follow sign up forms.

Well, that sucks!

Why? Well because other WordPress bloggers are able to follow you easily with one click if you’ve got a follow button. People feel apprehensive about signing up for e-mails due to the assumed junk they’ll find in their inbox. Sure, bloggers can still follow you through the reader, but that’s effort! Do us bloggers have the time for that? No.

If only…

If only we could get that button back – life would be so much simpler. Hmm but, oh, what’s that? Take a look at my sidebar right now. Do you see that glorious follow button (why haven’t you followed yet then?) Isn’t it just beautiful? Would you like one? Then let me tell you how…

How To Increase Followers With This Simple Tip

How To Increase Followers With This Simple Tip

All you need is about five minutes going spare, it really is THAT easy!

  • Firstly, ensure that you’ve got the Jetpack Plugin enabled.
  • Generate your own follow button here.
  • Copy your unique code.
  • Head back over to your blog. Go to Appearance – Widgets.
  • Add in a text widget to your sidebar.
  • In the text/HTML section of your newly created text widget, paste in your code and save.

It all counts..

Just because you now have a follow button doesn’t mean to say that you should ditch the e-mail opt-ins entirely. Though you may not have many sign ups, every one is important to you, I’m sure. So continue to include these on your blog in a non-invasive way. I’ll leave you with some ideas below and if you’ve got questions about any of them, pop me a message or leave me a comment.

  • Better Follow Button for Jetpack – This is a small, unobtrusive button you’re able to click on to subscribe to a blog. Do you see that in the bottom right hand corner of this blog? That’s the better follow button for Jetpack! I like that it follows the reader everywhere without getting in the way.
  • Sidebar E-mail Opt-In – We all know about these and most of us already have them, I don’t need to tell you anything about this, surely?
  • Comment Box Opt-In: When readers leave a comment on your blog there’s often the option to opt-in to e-mails, too. This is normally available for comment replies but you can also get one to receive new posts by e-mail. You can configure the setting for this by going to Jetpack Settings – Discussion – Subscriptions.
How To Increase Followers With This Simple Tip

So now you know how to increase followers with this simple tip and it was easy, right? Hopefully you’ll now start to see an increase in followers from this – I have. If you need any additional help please do feel free to give me a shout. What else do you struggle with, within the blogging world?

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Sharing’s Caring.

Do you know someone that isn’t making the most of a follow button on their blog? Then share this with them, make their day by solving a widespread problem. I don’t know about you, but this particular issue drove me crazy before I got it all figured out. Pay it forward by sharing this everywhere you can. You’ll not only help bloggers everywhere, but I’d rather enjoy the extra blog traffic, too. 😉

6 thoughts on “How To Increase Followers With This Simple Tip

  1. Thanks for this tip! I’m still working on building a following and I was considering investing in MiloTree (because I haven’t spent enough money on this blog yet) but this an option I didn’t even know existed. Glad to have found your blog!

    1. I feel the same way, Britt. It’s great that people aren’t getting caught up in a numbers game as much anymore, in terms of their follower count, but followers are still important… After all, a loyal following equates to regular visitors. It all goes hand in hand!

    1. You’re welcome honey, I’m so glad it’s been of some use! That’s brilliant that you’ve reintroduced the follow button.

      I know what you mean about getting caught up, I’m a devil for it, plan to do one simple thing and before I know it four hours have passed by without me having done what I set out to do to begin with.

      I’m in desperate need of getting my sidebar tweaked, it’s causing havoc whenever I look at it ha ha. 😛

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