Hidden Treasures of the Blogging World – My Current Favourites

If you’re reading this and spending time on my blog then I’d like to think that you enjoy yourself here. I too appreciate many a blog and wanted to take a moment to share some love with my favourites. Check them out and find some new loves. Of course, I don’t want you to leave me! There’s enough love for us all, right? 😛 So with this post I give you the hidden treasures of the blogging world – my current favourites.

Hidden Treasures of the Blogging World - My Current Favourites - Everything Starts With Tea

If you feel the blogs you usually read are becoming a little stale, you simply want to add more to your reading list, or maybe you want to start reading blogs generally, this post is the place to come. You can use this as a great starting point to find something you’ll love.

The following blogs I have chosen for a range of reasons. I either love the content and the bloggers unique writing voice or I love how down to earth, real and raw they are. It could be that I appreciate how easy it is to navigate their blog, love the layout or am obsessed with their aesthetically pleasing space. It could be that all of these come into play. All of the following have at least a couple of these positives at play. There’s things that quickly make me click out from a blog, too, no matter how great the content is. Want to know what makes me tune out? Then please feel free to request this information! 😉 In the meantime, before I digress any more.. Here are the hidden treasures of the blogging world – my current favourites.

Hidden Treasures of the Blogging World - My Current Favourites

The Life Of A Glasgow Girl

Jordanne has such a beautiful and uncomplicated blog, I could easily spend the whole day over there if I didn’t, y’know, have to actually do other things with my time. Her images are stunning, her content is engaging and valuable. She’s just a delight is the woman, and though she may not think so herself, an inspiration.

The Life Of A Glasgow Girl is a lifestyle and beauty blog. You can find posts about self care, mental health, up-cycling furniture, photography, blogging, parenting, travelling, reviews and much more. You’ll be happy you gave this one a peek!

Alternatively Speaking

Alternatively Speaking

Britt is an absolute treasure. I first discovered her and her amazing blog a few years ago whilst participating in the long term #BeautiesOnFire collaboration. After life getting in the way and fading from the blogging world, I too lost the connection with this awesome woman. Thankfully I came across her by chance on Twitter (after my return) and was so elated! She’s a gem, always doing her best to help others in any way she can, whilst keeping on top of her fantastic corner of the internet and generally being a considerate, funny and lovely friend.

Please note the friendship in no way alters my opinions of her blog. Alternatively Speaking has it’s finger in many pies, from alternative styles (hair colour, piercings and tattoos), to pets, travel, food also both physical and mental health. If any of those sound like your kind of thing then go and have a browse!

Soph Hearts

Soph Hearts

Soph Hearts is another simple, girly and aesthetically pleasing part of the internet to stumble upon. With categories including fashion, beauty, travel, blogging, social media, lifestyle and even Disney, there’s a little something for most of us.

I feel the simple elegance and beauty of the blog reflects the beauty of the blogger. Soph’s a gorgeous girl indeed, also evident within. Any and all correspondence to date has proven Soph to be a lovely soul, friendly and welcoming. Despite her achievements she isn’t fake or unreachable, just a lovely lady with a lovely blog.

Chapter XIX

Chapter XIX

If you want real, down to earth content, if you want to really connect with a writer through their work, then you want to be reading this blog! Harley’s raw content is honest, relateable and heartwarming. If she hasn’t yet had her son by the time of me posting this, then she will be doing very soon, so head over and say hello, give them both a little loving!

Chapter XIX is a lifestyle blog consisting of pregnancy, parenting, mental health, physical health and finances/debt. Everyone could do with a dose of Harley’s genuine and very beautiful part of the web.

Harley is one of those bloggers who quickly becomes a friend, too. Icing on the cake, is that! She’s such a delightful individual, polite, kind and humble. She deserves fantastic things in life. It gives me no greater pleasure than to be able to feature her blog in this post.

Made In The 1990s

Made In The 1990s

Kathleen’s clean and calm space of utter peace and contentment is another that speaks to my soul. Although her blog ticks a tonne of the right boxes and is most definitely one to be inspired by, she isn’t trying too hard. She’s authentic and not afraid to step back from fitting in the same box as everyone else. Screw the rules, Kathleen openly admits to not wishing to conform with the usual blogger stereotype, a perfect example of such being this post.

Made In The 1990s is a must read blog for anybody looking for beauty, fashion or lifestyle posts. It’s a lovely space to peruse and gives me a much appreciated sense of calm. Easy to navigate and read, well written and welcoming – this is a blog not to be missed.

Are you a 90’s kid? Get on over there then, you literally have NO excuse as that in itself pretty much, well, means you owe it to the blog to at least check it out! You owe it to that Furby obsessed, Spice Girl inspired crazy outfit wearing kid from years gone by.

Hidden Treasures of the Blogging World - My Current Favourites

I hope these blogs give you endless satisfaction, just as they have done for me. To the lovelies mentioned in this post, thank you for just being yourselves unapologetically, also for bringing your lives to the web. It’s been a pleasure to throw a little love your way.

Over to you…

Have you already stumbled upon the blogs mentioned in this post? Which ones do you love and why? In your own opinion, what is it that makes a blog stand out and guarantees that you’ll return? Did I miss out any extraordinary works of art? What are your ultimate favourites from the blogging world? Please, send them my way!

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2 thoughts on “Hidden Treasures of the Blogging World – My Current Favourites

  1. Oh my goodness this is the sweetest post and the most wonderful compliment- you’ve made my day! I already know a lot of the other wonderful blogs I’m in the company of but will definitely be checking out the new ones too! Thank you for including me!
    Soph – x

  2. Aww thank you SO much! I am so glad that we reconnected – funny how large and yet small the blogging world can be, isn’t it? I am definitely going to check out the couple you listed that I’m not already following!

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