Get to Know the Bizarre Mind of the Tea Obsessed

I’ve been running Everything Starts With Tea for over a month now and thought it might be time for you to get to know me a little better. What would be a more convenient way to do that with none other than a quick, fun, tag post? You may know the answer to some of the following questions already, or you may not. Without further waffle, get to know the bizarre mind of the tea obsessed blogger!

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Relaxation and self care

I wasn’t tagged in this but wanted to complete it anyway, originally finding this over on Molly’s blog. You can read her answers to these questions, here.

1. What’s your middle name?

Nothing fancy, it’s Leigh.. Pronounced LEE, since people often mistake it for Leah.

2. When was the last time you cried?

I’m writing this before the posting date. It’s currently February 5th, I last cried a few days ago. I can’t even remember why now. I didn’t used to be much of a crier… Since having my daughter my emotions are all over the chuffin’ shop!

3. What’s your favourite pizza?

Mmmm *drools* pizzaaaa… Sorry, going off in my own little world filled with an array of mind-blowing toppings.. Probably some type of meat feast, throw us on some ham, chicken, bacon, pepperoni, salami, mushrooms and extra cheese, with a sexy little cheese stuffed crust and you’re onto a winner. Pizza is pizza, though.. Pizza is life. A standard mushroom pizza would even do the trick, JUST GIMME ALL THE PIZZA!

4. What’s your favourite flower?

Am I supposed to know this? Um.. You tell me? Honestly I have no idea, it’s not something I tend to ponder. I barely know any flowers. I enjoy the smell of lavender, though. As for aesthetics I’m out of ideas. Something pretty…

Davis of Everything Starts With Tea at the Harry Potter Studio Tour

5. What’s your favourite season?

This one is easy! Autumn! Naming my daughter Autumn might just be a bit of a give away, mind. I love the colours, the crunch of the fallen leaves whilst walking through a park, the crazy stationary sales after the back to School rampage, new starts (due to the academic year), and, of course.. HALLOWEEN! It can’t be beaten!

6. Do you like to camp?

Technically I’ve never been! I’ve camped for a weekend at Leeds Fest. I’ve camped out in a field with mates when I was a teen. As lame as it sounds, I’ve pitched up my tent in my own garden and camped out there before, too. I love the feeling of being laid back, watching the starts.. Pondering the fact we’re all so small in relation to the size of our universe. I enjoy nature, so yeah. It relaxes me. Though as I say I’ve never been properly camping. I’m pretty sure I’d enjoy it though! I’d like to take my daughter when she’s older.

7. Do you untie your shoes when taking them off?

Does anybody? I’ve yet to meet a person that does. It’s too much of a time wasting faff, I’ll pass.

8. Do you like rollercoasters?

Love them! Haven’t stepped foot in a theme park in about a million years though.

Get to Know the Bizarre Mind of the Tea Obsessed

9. What is your favourite ice cream?

From the flavours I’ve sampled, Strawberry. For all I know it could be lime, or bubblegum. I just don’t know. If you’re heading to a cute little parlour somewhere give me a bell, I’ll tag on! I’d quite happily sit and sample every flavour available until suffering from extreme brain freeze.. The things I’ll do in the name of ‘research’. 😉

10. What is your favourite thing to do?

Christ, this is a broad one! Can I write a book to answer this with? Okay, hook me up with a publisher, cheers. Right, well. There’s a million activities I love to partake in… Reading just about anything, from fact to fiction, blog to social media dramatic outpouring. Writing, again an array of texts. I of course enjoy blogging, or writing my own fiction, heck I even enjoy writing essays, courses are actually real fun for me! Yes, learning. I thrive from learning new things and a new hobby I picked up last year is to enroll in courses. A person can never know too much!

Other things I enjoy include eating everything in sight, complaining that I’m larger than I’d like. Going for walks, sitting outside in the rain, star gazing. I enjoy baking, or rather, decorating and devouring my efforts. Crafts, playing games, everything SIMS related. I once dipped a toe into creating my own machinima using Sims 2 and 3.. Oh the good ol’ days.

The perfect way to relax and unwind

11. Shorts or jeans.

Bloody neither, give me a pair of PJs and have done with it! Shorts show my tubby legs and jeans are so damn uncomfortable, lets go with jeggings/leggings, or a skirt worn with tights. Or PJs…..

12. Country or rock music?

Rock, rock, rock and more rock. In all fairness I enjoy most genres, but yeah, rock is where it’s at.

13. What is your favourite colour?

I’m being greedy and picking two, so sue me. Purple and orange.

14. Do you have any tattoos?

Indeed! I’ll take you on a little journey back in time… September 27th, 2016 is when I got my first, and currently only, tattoo. Ten years after the passing of my Granny. Since her death I knew that I wanted an elephant on my ribs. The ribs due to the fact it’s apparently the most painful place to get tattooed.. I also opted for the left ribs, as it’s nearer the heart. Elephants were my Granny’s favourite animal, I happen to love them too, and so that’s what I got.

I absolutely loved the experience, I didn’t find it especially painful and no, I didn’t use any numbing creams. If anything it tickled. A love affair started that day. Though I’ve not yet got another tattoo, I’ve the next two planned and will probably end up with many more in time. It’s the money, isn’t it? Mind my then pregnant self on the picture below, it’s the best I have of the tattoo!

Pregnant with my first child

15. Do you colour your hair?

No! I’m a metamorphmagus, like Tonks! I just change my hair colour whenever I get a little bored. Black, red, purple, blue, ginge tinge, hint of green, natural with blonde chunks, half half, the lot.. I’ve switched and swapped to just about everything. Magic! 😉

Okay yeah, so a hair dye might help me out. I rarely go to a salon, I actually went from blue to red myself. Bobbed on a Colour B4 and followed it up with two red dye jobs later (thanks to Directions), to get my current red.

16. What colour are your eyes?

Brown. 🙁

17. What is your favourite thing to eat?

Did the pizza question not give it away? Actually, I’m not sure! I just love food! I go through phases where one thing is my favourite, then something entirely different. At the moment I’m obsessed with sweets, but it can change even several times a day. Though I have to say I’m a cheese fiend. Most foods need coating in cheese or I just won’t be impressed!

18. What is your favourite holiday?

I’m answering this only with overseas in mind. From the places I’ve been to I’d say Ibiza. Though I have a top three places I wish to visit and I’m sure all three would become my favourite, then. New Zealand, Italy and America.. So if anyone fancies sneaking me in their suitcase that would be amazing, thanks!

19. Beer or wine?

Neither, you can pass me over a gin though if you’re offering!

Davis of Everything Starts With Tea

20. Night owl or morning person?

Definitely a night owl! I’m trying to switch it around though. Once it gets to the afternoon I can’t get anything done, mornings are definitely the best for smashing out to-do list tasks! On the flip side, I find I’m most creative late at night and in the early hours of the morning!

21. What is your favourite day of the week?

I would say Saturday, because that’s the one day I give myself ‘off’ in the week… It very rarely happens though, and for some reason Saturdays always end up really damn stressful.

So, probably Monday. It’s the start of a new week, a fresh start and all that.

22. Do you have a nickname?

Not really, a lot of my friends call me Davis, but that’s my surname so not really a nickname as such. I do have one when it comes to my brother and sister, but nobody else is permitted to call me it, under any circumstance, and that’s Naz. The three of us are Caz, Gaz and Naz.

23. Who are the three people you tag to do this, too?

Road To A Debt Free Me, Harley at ChapterXIX and Sophie at This Brilliant Day. Have fun lovelies!

Get to Know the Bizarre Mind of the Tea Obsessed

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me, has any of it come as a shock to you? If so, what? Would you like to see more question and answer style posts from me? Just ask and you shall receive!

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