Do More, Spend Less when Celebrating Mother’s Day

In 1908 a lady named Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her dearly departed Mother. Did you know this was the first celebration of what is now our modern day holiday known as Mother’s Day? Did you also know the commercial direction of which it took is something Anna didn’t want and felt repentant for? Such to the extent she actually battled for it’s abolition in later years. To cut the cost, cut the commercialism and instead honour and spend time with our Mothers is something Anna would have indeed praised. So lets Do More, Spend Less when Celebrating Mother’s Day.

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Say I love you with flowers

Do More, Spend Less when Celebrating Mother’s Day.

So why did the very person who founded the holiday to begin with, wish to see its demise? Why work for something, to then only want rid?

She wanted Mother’s Day β€œto be a day of sentiment, not profit.”

Of course, very quickly she saw her beloved holiday (initially started in order to remember her late Mother) become the focus of money-hungry companies and organisations seeing only personal gain. This isn’t what was envisioned. Before her death, Anna’s Mother spoke of the yearning for such a celebration, leading Anna towards making it happen in her very memory.

The thing is, just because greedy fat cats strive to commercialise this beautiful holiday, it doesn’t mean that we have to feed into it and follow along like sheep. What does Mother’s Day mean for you? What does your Mother mean to you? Whilst we may want to lavish our Mom with all that money can buy there are other ways to cherish her. Make something instead, or give her the gift of your time. If choosing to still buy a gift you could select something useful and with real value. Expense really doesn’t need to play a part in this. Lets honour Anna, too!

If you’d like to read a little more about the origins of Mother’s Day, check this out.

The beauty of personal preference..

I’m not here to berate you for spending and gift giving. After all, I do actually buy my Mom gifts for Mother’s Day, I damn enjoy every second of doing so, too! I typically shun anything commercialised or mainstream, yet of all the events and holidays, Mother’s Day is the one where I do tend to veer a little more on the commercial side. This is due mostly to the fact there’s items with Mom or Grandma adorning them, I do however still endeavour to pick out useful gifts, such as the Grandma glasses case my daughter bought her last year. This is something she didn’t have and has come in extremely handy for my Mom since.

I do however, ensure that gifts are on the more affordable side. So if you want inexpensive, free or alternative ideas you’ve definitely come to the right place. I’m willing to bet that all your Mom wants at the end of the day is your love and time. Experience the day together!

Now put all this to practice and Do More, Spend Less when Celebrating Mother’s Day with the following ideas.

Breakfast in bed, the perfect relaxation


  • Give her a manicure.
  • Give her a pedicure.
  • If you’ve got a talent with nails a nice set of gels or acrylics could be a winner!
  • Put together an at home spa experience.
  • Treat her to a meal cooked by you, from scratch.
  • Bake for her!
  • Easy one if you still live together, how about breakfast in bed?
  • Crack out the face masks, or make some together from scratch!
  • Clean the house for her, honestly that sounds like THE perfect gift to me!
  • Just chat, how often to we really sit and chat with our loved ones? Especially in this day and age when everyone’s always so busy and technology has taken over!
  • DIY and home improvements, I’m sure there’s something she’d like doing that she may be unable to do herself.
A card, cuppa and some flowers - simple, cheap and cheerful

Small Gifts

  • A new nail varnish or two.
  • A unique cup.
  • Grandma Glasses Case.
  • Personalised gin glass – because we all need one of those! Okay then maybe just me. Guilty.
  • Socks!
  • A new DVD – you could pull out an experience and TLC with this one!
  • A new plant, so that if your Mom is anything like mine, she can proceed to savaging the poor thing.. There was one time my Mom managed to burn an orchid I’d bought her, but that’s a story for another day! πŸ˜‰
  • Photo frame, or you could just as easily make one for added sentiment!
  • Toiletry or make-up bag.
  • Candles.
  • Jewellery – this doesn’t need to be expensive stuff. Costume jewellery is just as nice and there’s tonnes of great quality pieces on apps such as Wish!
  • Phone case.
  • A cute keyring.
  • Books – never underestimate the power of giving her a whole new world to explore. It’s basically a little slice of heaven!
  • Perfume – again this doesn’t need to be expensive, I’ve found some gorgeous scents in Primark before!
  • Regurgitated food, this is a personal favourite of my daughters.. The pride she gets from sharing that food, before stealing it back, is immeasurable. Surely toddlers aren’t the only ones that can get away with this one?
A lovely elegant afternoon tea


  • Go out for a meal together.
  • Push the boat out (I know I’ve said less spends literally throughout this post but hush) and treat the pair of you to a spa day together.
  • Afternoon tea, anyone?
  • There’s nothing like a good girly shopping trip..
  • Plan a good old DVD night at home, nothing better than getting snuggled up with plenty of snacks and a rom-com.
  • Embrace nature and go for a nice long walk together, discover a new place.
  • Get her other daughters, sons and grandchildren over for a mini family party if that’s your Mom’s kind of thing. Be sure to wait on her hand and foot throughout and do all of the preparation, planning and cleaning, though!
  • If you’re Mom is the cool kind that’s into a bit of gaming, pull out the PS1 for a retro games marathon! Of course, any other console will do, but lets face it, there’s no beating the PS1 is there?!
  • Day trip to the beach.
  • Visit a zoo!
  • This might sound like an odd one, but go view houses together. You don’t have to actually be buying them… Some of us like to have a nosy around empty houses, okay? It’s like a real life episode of escape to the country.
  • Start a veg patch together in the garden!

Want more?

For further inspiration, maybe one of these self care suggestions could hold the key to the best Mother’s Day plans yet, or check my Pinterest for additional ideas.

Do More, Spend Less when Celebrating Mother's Day

So you see, celebrating the wonderful woman that is your Mother doesn’t have to break the bank. Stay within a budget. Don’t compete with others. Put your Mom first. There’s no need to stress it. How will you be celebrating? Can you think of anything I’ve missed? Lets chat in the comments or get in touch another way!

Remember, a Mother’s sacrifice is greater than no other. You also only (usually, yay for same sex couples) get one, cherish her!

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9 thoughts on “Do More, Spend Less when Celebrating Mother’s Day

  1. I loved this post so much. It got me thinking about my mother and made me all fuzzy inside. I’m actually poor at the moment so these ideas are a wonderful alternative.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed this post! I totally know the feeling, my Mom’s birthday is April 4th too, it’s safe to say that Mother’s Day is massively scaled back this year to make way for her birthday. I hope you and your Mom have a wonderful day! <3

  2. I think the best part about Mother’s Day is making a point of spending some time together. We live in such a busy, fast-paced world, and slowing down to enjoy some quality time is SO important.

    1. Definitely! I’ll be switching off for the day to spend it with my Mom and daughter, I can’t wait! I’ve also been pondering going out for a meal, purely because I can’t be bothered doing the dishes and I keep reminding myself it’s my day too ha ha! Knowing my luck everywhere will be fully booked already.

  3. This is honestly amazing! I was looking out for ideas. Instead of doing something big, I can do a lot of small stuff. You are a genius. Thank you so much for this wonderful post and inspiration and awesome ideas πŸ˜€

    1. Oh my gosh, thank you SO much for such a lovely comment! You’ve honestly made my day and I’m so glad it’s offered some inspiration. I hope both you and your Mom have an amazing Mother’s Day!! <3

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