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Celebrating Easter with Healthy and Fun Alternatives

Spring is such a lovely time, with it comes new life, brighter days and nicer weather, well, allegedly… This is the UK after all! There’s Spring cleaning, fresh starts and hope is the new mood. Flowers bloom and colour appears once again. Of course not forgetting Easter, favoured in particular by chocolate obsessed fiends, otherwise known as children. What if they’re too young to yet eat solids or their parents simply don’t agree with chocolate? This is why I bring you today’s post celebrating Easter with healthy and fun alternatives.

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Celebrating Easter with Healthy and Fun Alternatives

Those bothersome bunnies!

Easter is a well known chocolate fest, with such a distinct focus on chocolate that it can feel as though there’s no escape. Parents are increasingly opting to cut out chocolate, sweets and junk from their children’s diets. There are of course many reasons you may want to find a chocolate alternative for your children this Easter, maybe:

  • Your children are too young to actually eat solids yet.
  • Your little dears are lactose intolerant and you’d prefer to bypass chocolate entirely, instead of opting for lacto-free versions.
  • You may have chosen a sugar/junk free diet for your children.
  • You have no issues with your young ones eating chocolate, but because the family buy them a million eggs for Easter you’d rather switch it up a little, giving them some variety.
Celebrating Easter with Healthy and Fun Alternatives

My sweethearts first Easter..

Whatever your personal reasoning I know that Easter can be a tricky one when steering clear of chocolate. Alternatives aren’t widely publicised or suggested. I found myself in a bit of a predicament with this when my daughter wasn’t yet one years of age. As she was still so young at Easter (a little over half a year old) I didn’t want her eating anything with cows milk yet, nor did I want to promote an unhealthy diet so early on in her life. She has the odd treats now, but back then it really was a no go. I found myself short on time without many options available to me. I want to make it easy for others in the same or similar predicament I was in and so, below are many alternatives to chocolate to get you through Easter.


My First Easter Tutu Outfit
Babies Bunny Dress Up Blue/Pink
Range of 1-5 Yrs Fancy Dress Outfits (Rabbit, Bee, Cow etc)
Babies hooded jumpsuit
Cute bunny outfits for toddlers, boys & girls
My First Easter Personalised Vests
Bunny Booties
Personalised My First Easter Bibs
Chick Earrings
Rabbit Earrings
Bunny Hair Clips
Rabbit Hair Ties and Clips
Create your own Bunny Bags at


‘Unicorns Love Easter’ Colouring Book
Easter Colouring Book For Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers
Colouring Book
Decorate your own Suncatcher
Decorate your own wooden eggs
Stamp Set Egg Shaped
Egg Scratch Art
Egg Sequin Art
Colour your own cup
Easter Jigsaws
Sliding Puzzles
Non-Toxic Egg Crayons
Rabbit Crayons
Activity Pack
Number match puzzles from
Slime, this is great sensory play for little ones. You can find a slime recipe at

Celebrating Easter with Healthy and Fun Alternatives


We’re Going on an Egg Hunt (book)
Peppa Pig: Peppa’s Easter Egg Hunt (book)
Mr. Impossible and the Easter Egg Hunt (book)
Bat and Ball Set
Playmobil Easter Bunny Workshop
Tomy Hide ‘N’ Squeak Eggs
Peter Rabbit Soft Toy
Easter Rubber Ducks
Bunny Ears Game
Lego – Easter Egg Hunt
Guess How Much I Love You Rabbit
Lollipop the Rabbit Beanie Boo
Dancing and egg laying chicken
Clockwork Chick
Beatrix Potter Rattles
Rabbit Skipping Rope
Farm Animal Water Squirters
Noisy Farm Book with Finger Puppets
Finger Puppets in Eggs
Soft Cloth Book – Night Night Peter Rabbit
Musical Barn Set
Lamb Rocker

Celebrating Easter without chocolate

Foodie Bits

Bunny and Chick Egg Cups
Little Chick Dinner Set
Breakfast pops at


Paw Patrol: Easter Egg Hunt DVD
Bugs Bunny’s Easter Funnies DVD
The Great Easter Egg Hunt DVD
Luxury Bath Melts & Bunny Plush
Egg Bath Bombs
Check out this fairy door at

Things you could do/places you could go

Have a scavenger hunt
Have an egg and spoon race
Plant seeds
Visit a petting zoo

Of course, Wowcher usually has plenty of offerings at bargain prices, why don’t you check out their Easter bits and bats, too?

PIN THIS! Celebrating Easter with Healthy and Fun Alternatives

What are your views on Easter? How do you choose to celebrate? What alternative is your favourite from this list? Will you be celebrating Easter with healthy and fun alternatives? I do hope that I’ve helped to take away the stress of Easter for you in some way. So, an early HAPPY EASTER to you!

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Feel free to check my Pinterest, where I’ll be pinning lots of alternative ideas in the run up to the happy, hoppy, holidays! Please do share this post with other parents in need of a little help!

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6 thoughts on “Celebrating Easter with Healthy and Fun Alternatives

  1. We try to either mail a care package or come visit our nieces/nephews for Easter each year, and I make it a goal to come up with something fun for them each year… puzzles, colouring books, art kits, etc.

    1. I bet they love that, it’s more of a gift due to the whole surprise of what’s going to be inside! It still seems the normal thing over here is to pile everyone with chocolate. Not that I was complaining when I was a child myself, and I do allow Autumn small amounts now she’s a little older – but then that means I want to put together something different for her… Stand out since I’m her Mom and all.

  2. I love these! I think it’s such a nice idea doing like alternative things for Easter it doesn’t always have to be about Chocolate! (even though I am a sucker for it).

    1. Admittedly, I’m the same! I literally hide behind the cupboards in my house so that my daughter isn’t seeing me snacking all the time, I don’t want to turn her into a little chocolate monster too. She’s allowed it, just not excessively. I’m so not the best influence ha ha! xxx

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