Grab a cuppa and settle down whilst together we fight the stigma attached to poor mental health, explore an array of exciting avenues regarding self-improvement and bask in the glory of parenting. If that ain’t magic enough then pop on your robes because, like Hogwarts, ‘Everything Starts With Tea’ will always be there to welcome you home. <3

Hello I'm Davis, Author of Everything Starts With Tea, hope of all things lifestyle, parenting, mental health, self improvement and blogging. Grab yourself a brew or butterbeer and get comfortable.

Hi – I’m Davis!

I’m a single Mom in my 20’s, putting my all into my little girl, other family members and my zoo full of animals. I’m incapable of stopping for breath and so can always be found to be planning some type of new project, doing coursework for one of many courses or, of course, pottering around in my little online world. I thrive on anything involving self-improvement and yearn to help others, always. It’s due to a combination of my personality and hobbies that I hope to consistently offer sound advice/tips/tricks etc. I’m too determined to give up and I care sometimes a little too much.

Welcome to Everything Starts With Tea!

My blog is different because I’m not scared to be different, I am who I am, the blog is what it is. I suffer personally with mental health issues and so wish to create a safe haven here on the internet. My corner is one of positivity and light (or rather, lumos), I strive to make the most from life and wish to help you do the same.

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Why tea?

Tea is always offered, isn’t it? Had a challenging day at the office – would you like some tea? Received some disheartening news – how many sugars do you take? Even the good things. Celebrating a promotion but it’s too early for champagne – here have some tea! Just found out you’re pregnant – how wonderful, cuppa? Simply want to unwind with a good book – definitely need a brew and biscuits! It’s this reason that brought about the name for this blog.

Welcome to Everything Starts With Tea. Lifestyle, Parenting, Mental Health and Self Improvement Blog.

Where it all began… Ended.. And Changed.

I’ve years of blogging experience to this date. My first blog, Disaster Davis, were a haven of all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle. I sadly made the choice to close that chapter earlier this year, when a family member’s health deteriorated. I still have the same passion for writing, creating, sharing and problem solving that I had before. With so many changes in my life over the past two years it stands to reason that my interests have matured. With that I’ve moved into the parenting, mental health and self improvement territory. To learn more about my blogging history, read my post 8 Reasons I Still Love Blogging After 3 Years.

I still hold interest in beauty and fashion, though nowhere near with the same enthusiasm as before. I’m sure my previous experience will help tenfold to make ESWT work. Whilst this is largely a way to help settle my own mental health and to help others through my writing, I do also hope that I can make some form of an income from this, too. As a stay at home, single Mom who doesn’t wish to rely on benefits, then I have to utilize my hobbies to make income wherever I can. For this reason I will be open to working with brands and affiliates. A full disclosure for this is available to read here.

What now?

Thank you so much for joining me, I hope you find something useful during your time here. I’d absolutely love to hear from you, feel free to connect with me on social media or pop me a comment below. If you’re looking to work with me you can find my contact details here.

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