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9 Reasons You Need to Take Time Out

It’s okay to take some time off and invest it into yourself you know.. Louder for those in the back. IT’S OKAY TO TAKE TIME OUT FOR YOURSELF! Actually, it’s beneficial for not just you but everyone else around you and today I’m here to give you 9 reasons you need to take time out.

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Ice cream at the beach

We push ourselves too much.

In today’s world there’s so much expected of us. Buy, renovate and keep a tidy, clean and beautiful home. Bring your children up well without ‘dumping’ them on a childminder, but yet, we have to work full time too, right? Don’t forget the need to top up our wages with a side hustle! Didn’t you say you’d help Auntie Babs with something over the weekend? Remember to fit in those social commitments, your friends will feel neglected otherwise. Maybe you can spend some time on your hobbies over the weekend, hold up – grocery shopping and meal prepping!

We have a million and one responsibilities and we put pressure on ourselves to do and be better constantly. We chase happiness with the belief that we won’t get there until x amount of achievements have been reached first.

I know how it is, I’m a single Mom, parent carer and have five fur babies to care for, too. I’m a stay at home Mom striving to build my blog into a business in order to support my family. I dream of one day owning my own home. I want to get myself on the roads, travel more, let my family experience the many delights the world has to offer. Even if I get some free time I’ve a wide array of hobbies, I’ll have a course on the go, I’ve my daughter and the pets to play with and keep happy. I get it. There’s 113 ways to improve your life too, right?

Why do we do this to ourselves?

Maybe you’re at university. Like me you could be a mother, carer or have a zoo full of pets. Do you have a high pressure job with dragons in management? You might be saving up to learn how to drive or buy a car. Debts might be crushing you, mortgage payments are holding a gun to your head. Maybe you want to experience absolutely everything the world has to offer.

Whatever the reason the world is not going to end if you take a little time out. Don’t push yourself into extreme burn out mode, where you are unable to accomplish even the simplest of tasks due to your persistent overwork. I feel the below quote captures the essence of this perfectly.

“You can do anything, but not everything.”

– David Allen

9 Reasons You Need to Take Time Out…

9 Reasons You Need to Take Time Out

To rekindle or enhance relationships with others.

What happens when we’re always busy? We unintentionally push people away and drift from them due to not having the time for them. Of course, we all have our own lives, but what happens when this is consistent? We lose the people we care about, our relationships suffer. Friends and family feel neglected, we unthinkingly isolate ourselves.

Relationships are like plants, they need nurturing. So take a weekend off and in that time call your sister, go to a gig with your best friend or take your Mom out for lunch! Show those important to you that you care. One day they won’t be here, none of us will, what use is money to you then? Lives, people, they are what’s truly important, so go and make some memories!

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Protect yourself from your mental health.

You don’t have to suffer from a diagnosed mental health illness to prioritise your mental health, you know? Seemingly healthy people can experience breakdowns and suffer from burn out. Don’t be one of them.

Yes you may have a lot to get through, a never ending to-do list but it’s still going to be there tomorrow. Take the pressure off, stop setting yourself unnecessary deadlines and take some time out for self care, even just a little.

We aren’t machines but even they need oiling from time to time! It’s much harder getting back on top from burn out. I’d know, I’ve been there enough times.

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9 Reasons You Need to Take Time Out

Because you’re worth it!

Without meaning to sound like the Loreal advert – you are worth it! Show yourself respect by giving yourself the gift of some TLC. Who else is going to if you don’t?

Even if you don’t agree or don’t feel good about yourself, acts of self care will over time tell your subconscious that you’re worth it. You owe it to your self esteem to build on this.

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You’ll learn more about yourself.

Whilst wrapped up in work you’re unable to be fully present, you won’t notice your own reactions or feelings. Take some time out and learn more about yourself as you spend quality time getting to know the person that you are.

Knowing yourself will in turn build your confidence as your faith in your feelings, thoughts, emotions and in knowing what you do or don’t want will lead you to trust in your choices.

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Take time to reset and evaluate goals.

You have goals, right? How often are you checking in on them and planning ways in which to move on to the next step or achieve those goals?

Our goals can change, don’t waste time on things you no longer want. Assess if something is still your dream then create a plan in order to accomplish all of the goals along the way.

Reset your focus and go get ’em with your new found motivation.

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An increase in productivity.

If you’re working yourself into an early grave then it stands to reason that you’re likely a go getter with a million different spinning plates. I bet you feel that there aren’t enough hours in any given day.

Take some time to recharge, refocus and get motivated, you will then see an increase in productivity. With a rested body and fresh perspectives problem solving will become easier, in turn this will help to tackle any bumps in the road.

Try it and then tell me I’m wrong!

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Meeting the meerkats with my daughter

Get the creative juices flowing.

Inspiration – that mystical, elusive thing we’re all tirelessly chasing and never want to lose when we have it within our grasp, with no idea how to get it back when we do.

I was recently in a rut with my blogging. I couldn’t decide on a topic let alone actually write a post. Getting out to the beach for the day is just what I needed to turn that around. With a little think time afterwards in order to mull a few things over, I was back on track. The time off and change of scenery gave me a quick reboot and the ideas started to pour in!

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Speaking of pouring, you can’t pour from an empty cup!

If you can’t possibly take time out for yourself, then do it for others. Yes I’m actually being serious. You can’t pour from an empty cup, there’s nothing left to give. So to be any kind of use to anybody else and to give our absolute best we MUST first take care of ourselves.

I don’t care if you tell yourself that you’re taking care of yourself for the benefit of others, do whatever works. Plus, you’re going to be less stressed afterwards and lets face it, nobody wants your negative energy.

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To live intentionally.

To live intentionally means being fully present and connecting with the world around you. See it all, feel it, drink it in and thoroughly experience all that is on offer.

By being too busy you miss out on the beauty of life. It’ll pass you by and before you know it you’ve wasted years, decades and for what? Life is for living, so live it! Go on, I dare you! How do you want your end credits to look, what will be included on your highlight reel?

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9 Reasons You Need to Take Time Out

So now you know the 9 reasons you need to take time out!

So you see, you owe it to both yourself and to others to take that break. Now you know the 9 reasons you need to take time out what will you do first? How are you going to implement self care and time out into your hectic schedule? What part of this post has resonated with you the most? Leave me a comment letting me know.


Stop feeling guilty for taking time out. Where has this ridiculous notion come from, that we feel we absolutely must work constantly? Having goals is amazing but remember to stay in tune with your health. We are not machines.. WE’RE ALIVE!

Sharing’s Caring.

Let this post serve as a reminder to your nearest and dearest, remind them that they’re worth more by sharing the heck out of it! Allow the internet to serve up something useful for once, something supportive!

8 thoughts on “9 Reasons You Need to Take Time Out

    1. Hard to balance everything isn’t it? I feel like my most challenging time (aside from Christmas) is April and May because of the million bank holidays that are packed into such a small block of time. Every bank holiday has messed my schedules and routines up completely recently and I find myself fighting so hard to get back on an even keel after each one. I’m so glad there’s not another now until August because I might be able to get my life together and get back on track before then! 😂

      I’ve found that I’m really irritable whenever I’ve not read for a while, it’s definitely my cure all! I’d really like to try out making things with Polymer clay soon too, it looks like it would be a really good stress reliever.

      I’m glad you enjoyed this post, thank you for your comment honey! 🙂

    1. It sure does! It’s fantastic, isn’t it? That particular quote is what I’m living by recently, I’ve got it playing on repeat in my mind as I attempt to drum into myself that I need to take more breaks and incorporate a healthy dose of self care into my life daily! I will tackle the issue of finding myself heading for severe burn out every few weeks, it has to stop! 😂

  1. I’m so bad at allowing myself to take time out but I understand that it’s so important for our mental health, and to refuel in general. I love this post so much, by the way. So well written.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Nyxie, I’m glad you liked the post!

      I’m exactly the same, I’m a bit of a workaholic.. I’ve been getting better at allowing myself weekends and Bank Holidays off, and I did give myself four days off (weekend included) a few weeks ago, but now I’ve hit a bit of a blogging rut and I’m dumping so much pressure on myself to get back on track, prepare a post for next week and get other things set up for the rest of next month. I can’t even get past coming up with a blog post title!

      I think I need to re-read the things I publish on here sometimes and listen to my own advice/tips. 😂

    1. Thank you, Kimmie. 🙂 It really is, very hard for some of us to do though… I struggle really badly with taking time out for myself but I’m working hard towards taking off every weekend.. Sometimes there’s things that just can’t wait and need to be done, but I’m really trying to get strict with myself and others now, the weekends are MINE ha ha! 😛 After all, if I worked for someone else I’d get the weekends off, so why can’t I when working for myself? I hope you get some you time soon, good luck. x

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