6 Things You Need to DO Before Starting a Blog

I recently wrote a post just like this one titled ‘5 Things You Need to Think About Before Starting a Blog’, if you’ve not read that yet then I’d suggest you start there.. Done? Okay good, now you’ve thought about everything, lets get down to some action! Hold up, don’t go purchasing a domain name and web hosting just yet! First I’m going to tell you the 6 Things You Need to DO Before Starting a Blog.

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6 Things You Need to DO Before Starting a Blog Writing Blog Posts

Read and Research

I’ve mentioned my recent post already but if you haven’t yet, then read it! That’s as good of a place as any to start. Then I’d suggest getting on Pinterest, you can look through some resources I’ve pinned, or search for your own. Remember to not get too caught up in this part. You don’t want to be forever pinning and taking in information. Use this as help to focus your mind, use the resources as a pointer for where to go next. Take the ideas you like and leave those that you don’t. Don’t use this as an opportunity to procrastinate, read enough to get inspired and the ideas flowing, then get going!

Write Pages!

Whilst everything is fresh in your mind, such as why you want to blog, what your aims are etc, I’d use this time to plan out your pages. Aside from the required legal pages there’s another two that I’d recommend everyone to include on their blog.

  • About – Readers like to know more about the person behind the blog. They like to feel as if they’re getting to know you, like you’re a friend! Let them know a little about who you are, also tell them WHY your blog is everything they’ve been looking for. What value can YOU and YOUR BLOG bring to their life? What have you got to offer?
  • Contact – Your readers may have a question or want to let you know that something isn’t working quite right on your website. Other bloggers might want to collaborate with you, ask if you’d guest post on their blog or offer to guest post on yours. Brands could be looking to work with you! Where are all of these people going to go? That’s right, your contact page. The minimum you need here is a contact form, though many bloggers, myself included, like to provide our social media links and e-mail address too.
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Create a Posting Schedule

Consistent, regular uploads will guarantee return readers because you’re giving them something to look forward to. You don’t want to post too little or too much, by flooding your blog with multiple posts a week you could face a decline in followers as they become lost. Personally I post once a week as I find this is what works best for myself and my readers. I want to ensure quality content for every post, due to being a stay at home Mom I have less time to devote and so, by posting more than once a week, I’d be constantly fighting a losing battle. Honestly I sometimes find once a week a struggle when life is getting utterly chaotic. I’d recommend one to two posts a week, there’s nothing wrong with you trialing something for a few months to then review it afterwards.

Creating a schedule detailing the posts you plan to write will help you, too. When it comes to sitting down and writing content you’ll have it all mapped out, what you want to write and when for. This keeps you organised and accountable. You can look at any holidays you’d like to centre a post around and begin filling in your schedule that way. I’ve found having a posting schedule to be my biggest motivation aid for getting posts wrote!

Write Posts

This one goes pretty much hand in hand with having a posting schedule because once you have that and know exactly what it is you want to work on, there’s nothing stopping you from writing the posts! It’s also always best to be ahead of the game with content because:

  • Having posts ready gives you more time to deal with the tech side of things when getting your blog up and running.
  • Ready to post content reduces your stress levels.
  • It helps you to stay consistent.
  • Avoids writers block. This is because you can batch write when you’re feeling inspired.
  • You’ll be able to focus more time on social media. This includes promoting your work and connecting with readers and other bloggers. Actually it opens up more time for just about everything.

You need something for people to read on launch day. Avoid a quick bounce rate by having a good amount of posts, ideally 5 – 10. This also depends on your blogging niche as you should aim to have at least one post on each topic.

6 Things You Need to DO Before Starting a Blog Typing on Laptop Writing Blog Posts

Set up Social Media and Build a Presence

Don’t go in all guns blazing with this. You want to start with one and build it up as you find your feet. Many recommend Pinterest as a LOT of traffic can be generated there, I however, can’t grasp it for the life of me. I started out with Blog Like A Boss, my own bloggers networking group on Facebook. By helping others they’re then more inclined to help you, so by doing this I had a good amount of readers from day one of launch. I do also have Twitter, though I use that more to connect with other bloggers, whereas I’m currently promoting posts regularly through my Facebook page. I’m building slowly, you see. This is the best way to not become overwhelmed.

The more active you are on social media the more you’ll be seen. You more you help others the more they’ll be willing to help you. Not only will you gain a readership and following from the off, but they’ll be more open to sharing your content, too. The blogging community is full of amazing people, get to know them, make some friends and connections! Also the more time you spend now getting used to a platform, the more competent you’ll be using it, making self promotion a million times easier. Some of the best research and inspiration can come from social media, also!

Lets Get Legal!

Many bloggers overlook this but did you know it’s actually the law to have at least a privacy policy on your blog or website? Think data protection (GDPR), cookies, everything along those lines. Further to this, if you’re planning on monetising your blog by using affiliate links then you’ll also need a disclosure policy. Some, such as Amazon, require specific, further inclusions to this, too. You’ll want to include disclaimers to protect your opinion, as some may try hold you legally responsible for recommendations or casual advice given. Oh, and of course there are terms and conditions.

It’s a huge subject all in itself, isn’t it? Overwhelmed? Yep, so was I! The best idea is to have all of this ready for when you start out though. Better safe than sorry. Legal stuff is hard, unless you’re in the profession of course! I’m not, which is why I went to Amira Law for help! I can rest easy knowing I’m fully protected, legally. Her work, for me, has been priceless. The peace of mind her legal bundle has given is unfathomable.

Following this, many bloggers will look for free legal templates online but they aren’t the real deal! Come on, who works for free? They’ll throw you a few words that sound cool but the real deal is their paid for content. Avoid the freebie templates and protect yourself legally. Take a look at Amira’s legal bundle, you’ll likely need all three pages and the bundle gives you huge savings. I promise you’ll thank me for this recommendation!

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To sum this up, you should now be:

  • Researching
  • Writing your blog pages
  • Creating a posting schedule
  • Writing blog posts
  • Setting up social media and building a presence
  • Looking at protecting yourself legally

Is there anything you’d like explaining more? Leave me a comment or get in touch via any of my social media platforms. I’ll be writing about other aspects of blogging soon, in the meantime request anything you’re desperate to know more about. I want to help you build the blog of your dreams!

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    1. Thank you for your comment, Ashley, I’m glad you enjoyed this post. 🙂

      With all of these six key points in place I feel like a person can’t go wrong. There’s no worse feeling (within blogging) than diving in head first without the first clue of anything. Having a schedule and some posts ready to go really helped me to spend some time initially working on my layout and the overall appearance of my blog.

      I’m not the best with technology, and managed to totally mess everything up after playing around in the terrifying depths of the c-panel! No sweat, with a fantastic team providing my web hosting and knowing I had everything else ready to go, this meant I didn’t have a total meltdown due to having the time to focus solely on the tech stuff. Who said blogging was quick and easy ha ha? 😛

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