5 Things You Need to Think About Before Starting a Blog

Have you heard that you can make money and you’d like a slice of the pie? Do you read other blogs and want to be a part of the community? To make friends? Are you bored and looking for a new hobby? Whatever the reason, there are 5 things you need to think about before starting a blog.

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5 Things You Need to Think About Before Starting a Blog

Regardless of why you’re wanting to start a blog there are things you should probably be thinking about before you take the leap. I’m sure you can’t wait to get started, but you want to be proud of what you put out onto the internet, right? Even if you’re only looking for a new hobby, take the following into consideration first.

Why do you want to start a blog?

The answer to this will influence the choice you make and the steps you take next. You could be blogging purely for a hobby, to document a transition in your life. Maybe you want to be held accountable for a goal or to develop a new skill. You could be looking to turn blogging into a business. Whatever the reason be honest with yourself. Your why will keep you going when it becomes overwhelming.

If this is a hobby you may still apply the following. You still want to be proud of what you put out onto the web!

If you’re looking to make money just know that it won’t come overnight. Blogging can be amazing. There are so many success stories. You can make more money than your 9-5. Not without hard work and dedication. You have to love what you do.

Did you know I had another blog before this one? Click here to find out why I came back to blogging after leaving the old one behind.

What will you write about?

The answer to this will be different for everyone and could be literally anything. You can write anything you want. If this is a hobby, go for it, for sure!

If you’re looking to make money you might want to consider other factors. Is the topic something you’re passionate about? Will you be able to create a LOT of content on this topic without getting bored? Are other’s interested in this topic? How can writing about this topic help others? How will it add value to their lives?

Do you want to know more about choosing the right niche for your blog? Ask me and I’ll pop it on the list!

5 Things You Need to Think About Before Starting a Blog

Who is your target audience?

Once you’ve decided what you’ll be writing about, you want to think about your target audience. If you’re a fashion blogger will you be writing about designer brands? In that case affluent professionals are your target. You’d be aiming to stay BANG on trend in this market. Do you plan to talk about frugal fashion, instead? That might be the best for young Mom’s who have little money to spend on new clothes. You could give them tutorials on how to DIY or up-cycle old pieces. Maybe you know all the best low cost retailers? Which stores have the best sales?

You want to know who your target audience is so that you know what to write. You can think how they’d think. What do they want to know more about? What issues do they face or what questions do they need the answers to? You need to think about how you can help them. This is especially important if you aim to make money through your blog. Great content converts to returning readers. Returning readers create consistent views. Give them what they want and they will follow.

What are you going to name your blog?

Hobby bloggers will find this point useful too, you still want to be found and make connections, right? Below are a few quick pointers to help you choose the perfect blog name!

  • Is it easy to say and spell? If it can’t be spelled correctly how can people search or find you easily?
  • Does it fit your niche? Your blog name can give the first clues to what you’re blog is about. Don’t name it something like ‘I love dinosaurs’ if you’ll be writing about childhood development and the education system.
  • Is there room for change? In a year or two you might decide your blog is going in a different direction. Maybe you put together make-up tutorials, but now you’re a stay at home Mom you don’t have the time to even apply make-up. Parenting probably appeals to you much more, now. If you choose a name that can fit a range of topics then your blog can grow with you.
  • Is it available on all social media platforms? If you want to make money you’re going to be using social media. Before deciding on a name for your blog do a quick check to see if it’s available on social media, as well as the domain itself. You want to make sure you have a consistent brand/name all across the internet.

Where will you blog?

You’re probably thinking “On the internet, duh!” but it’s a genuine question. You need a platform to work from. When I started my old blog back in 2015 I was doing it purely for hobby purposes. I chose which is great, for a hobby. There’s two however .com is free whilst .org is the paid version.

Anyone looking to make money from their blog I’d honestly recommend that you use, however, don’t jump right in yet. Their hosting package might not be the one for you. Research first, hosting and domains are something I’ll cover another time. WordPress is the most popular platform for hobbyist and business bloggers alike. As with everything, there are pros and cons to each platform. You’ll find however that most hosting providers (such as SiteGround) offer free and fast installation of WP to your site, making getting started a whole lot easier.

See my resources page to find out more about the services and programmes I use to make this blog happen. I aim to update regularly.

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So, you should now have thought about:

  • Why you want to start a blog
  • What you’ll write about
  • Your target audience
  • Your blog name
  • What software/blogging platform you plan to use

Is there anything else you’d like to know? Leave me a comment or get in touch via any of my social media platforms. Over time I’ll write about other aspects of blogging, in the meantime request anything you’re desperate to know more about. I want to help you build the blog of your dreams!

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