32 Ways to Indulge yourself this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is coming up and to my fellow singletons, I’m sorry for reminding you of that! However if you’re cringing at this post and all it stands for before giving it a chance.. Well you’re the one most in need of reading it! Single doesn’t suck. Valentine’s doesn’t have to suck! Be a boss or a boss babe (remember both genders are welcome here) and date yourself! That’s right, you deserve some loving too. With that here are 32 Ways to Indulge yourself this Valentine’s Day!

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If you’re cringing at this post and all it stands for before giving it a chance, you’re the one most in need of reading it! Go ahead, indulge yourself.

What’s the big deal anyway?

Every year, for one day, partners rush out to buy their significant other’s a little something as a token of their affection, they might plan out a date night and go all out on wooing one another. Why? Why are people only entertaining this notion of appreciation for one day each year? I’m well aware many will do this year round, or I’d like to think so.. It still stands to reason why does Valentine’s Day even exist? We should be showing each other we care year round. Appreciate those you love, not just your partners, either! Why does this have to be confined to only romantic relationships? Why can’t I treat my Mom, my daughter, heck, even my dog? I’m not even joking, my Harley is a loyal, loving, dreamboat – who needs a man? Lets face it, all Valentine’s Day is, is commercialised, over hyped, lunacy!

I’ve been single for every Valentine’s Day to this day!

Well, okay, aside from one year. Honestly he doesn’t even count. We’d been together a few months and he invited my (then single) best friend to join in on our date plans. Without telling me. It’s the one year I’d been in a relationship, I wanted some serious spoiling, y’know? So it all ended in a row before V-day even happened, plans were cancelled and it went down the pan. We had a week long row over the whole thing, super fun. This guy was abusive anyway, hence why he really. Does. Not. Count!

It isn’t all bad. Valentine’s Day is a fantastic opportunity for a little self love!

No I don’t mean Netflix and chill for one, complete with a cheeky purchase from Love Honey, you saucy devil! I mean, by all means go for it! However I was referring to love and self care in all forms. This could include just about anything… See the list below for 32 Ways to Indulge yourself this Valentine’s Day!

32 Ways to Indulge yourself this Valentine's Day

Self Care

  • Get a gorgeous bubble bath on the go and relax.
  • Use that favourite shampoo/body wash of yours. You know the one, you keep it for ‘special occasions’.
  • Treat yourself to a shave, it’s been a long Winter…
  • Put on a spritz of perfume/aftershave even if you’re going nowhere, because this is about treating yourself!
  • Spend time doing your hair if that’s something you find relaxing.
  • Facial hair, shave it, pluck it, wax it.. Whatever it is, do it. Spruce up!
  • Do your nails need some attention? I’m feeling a mani-pedi coming up, honey! Use the BEST nail varnish, the really pretty one you wouldn’t normally use because it’s too stunning and you’re scared of it running out.
  • Dress up if you fancy going out somewhere.
  • Wear your favourite, better still, a new pair of PJs if you’d prefer a cosy night in.
  • Light those candles that smell absolutely gorgeous, sod it if they burn and won’t look as pretty on display. Stuff is for using sweetie!
  • Pull out your favourite face mask, it is time for some serious relaxation!
  • Gather your favourite edible treats, dig out your favourite feel good film and get comfortable. Pull out the duvet, too, because what’s a DVD night without it?
  • Spend some time journalling, having a brain dump, whatever you fancy – just get your thoughts out onto paper.
  • Call a loved one to chat as you’ll both likely feel better for it.
  • Curl up and read a book, for me that’s the ultimate escape and my favourite way to unwind.
  • Have an early night, ready to feel amazingly refreshed the following day.


  • Have you had your eye on a new handbag? Then what are you waiting for? Get it ordered!!
  • Have a browse on Amazon, they have literally anything and everything so you’re sure to find something that you’re going to love. Such as this stunning personalised photo album!
  • If you’re looking to treat yourself but your budget is looking pretty grim, fear not. Hop on over to apps such as Wish or Joom, grab a bargain. A little heads up though, check the seller and item feedback from customers first and try to find reviews with pictures available – it’s the best way to ensure you’re bagging yourself a bargain!
  • You can buy nice lingerie even if you’re single, you know. It’s not just for showing off to a partner, it’s about feeling good for yourself!
If you’re cringing at this post and all it stands for before giving it a chance, you’re the one most in need of reading it! Go ahead, indulge yourself.

Food, glorious food

  • If a take away is your kind of thing then go ahead and order one in!
  • A little more on the social side, but how about grabbing a friend and heading out to somewhere swanky? There’s a tonne of Valentine’s Day offers you could take advantage of, the staff don’t know if you’re really a couple or not! 😉
  • Buy in your favourite indulgence foods and snacks, sod the diet, you’ve earned it. Who wants to be a skeleton before their time, anyway?!
  • How about cooking from scratch now you’ve given yourself the time to enjoy doing so? Or baking? That cheesecake on your Pinterest account is looking extremely tasty right about now!


  • Invite a friend over for a bite to eat and some drinks.
  • Have a pamper party at home with a friend.
  • Call your friends, spruce yourselves up and get out on the town.
  • Book a spa day for you and a family member or a friend.
  • Host a singles party, I’m not even kidding. It’ll be fun!

Invest in yourself

  • Is there a club or a group activity you’ve wanted to join for a long time? Why don’t you get your name down to join up? Spend the day signing up for things that will bring you joy in the future.
  • Sign up to a course, it doesn’t have to be at college or university. You can learn online and choose from a huge range of courses at New Skills Academy or the Centre Of Excellence. There’s always a deal on, you could also try checking Groupon and Wowcher, first, just to be sure you’re getting the best deal!
  • How about joining a class to learn a new skill? You could try an acting class, it’s not just the die hard career driven creatives that do this, acting can be a thoroughly enjoyable hobby, you’ll meet new people and make friends and it might bring you out of your shell a little.

For a little more inspiration..

How about reading my recent post ‘Try these 113 ways to improve your lifestyle NOW!‘ as you may find a few more ideas lurking there.

32 Ways to Indulge yourself this Valentine's Day

So, now you have 32 Ways to Indulge yourself this Valentine’s Day how will you celebrate this year? Be sure to share this with all of your single and partnered friends alike, it might just give them the inspiration they need for their best Valentine’s Day yet!

16 thoughts on “32 Ways to Indulge yourself this Valentine’s Day

    1. In my opinion it’s honestly the best way to turn the day around! So many choose to wallow in self pity being single but it doesn’t have to be that way.. I find it much more empowering to show not only ourselves a little love, but those around us in our lives. Family, our friends, heck our pets even! I’ve bought some treats today for all of my household, as well as myself. I’ll be seeing one of my best female friends through the day on Valentine’s, then having a girlie DVD night with my Mom on the evening.. Literally so excited! 🙂

        1. The commercialised stuff doesn’t do it for me either, whenever I buy gifts no matter the occasion it’s always about the individual rather than what the event is. I buy my loved ones little treats year round though, or make them when I can – although time is short with everything I have on my plate.

          I never treat myself though so I’m glad I included myself in it for once, this year is all about the self care. The bits and bats I bought are basically snacks for the DVD night.. I can’t do films without snacks, mega foodie!

    1. Thank you so much! I hope you both have an absolute blast! I treat myself to a nice bottle of discounted pink gin today for Valentine’s, the day has already improved 100%, better than any guy I could have in my life ha ha! 😛

  1. So many good suggestions on this list! I’m a long time single pringle so Valentine’s Day is just Thursday to me 😂😂 I’m actually having a brand new bed delivered 2 days before Valentine’s and I’ve already bought the snuggliest bedding for it. So VDay for me will be work, followed by an early night in my lovely new bed – with nobody else taking up any room in it, ha!

    1. That sounds like the absolute best way to treat yourself! I discovered a few hours ago that I’m meeting up with one of my best friends on Valentine’s, so it looks like a girly shopping trip and lunch for me, followed by the tiny feet of my daughter prodding me in the ribs through the night ha ha. Absolute bliss – even the tiny feet! Enjoy the new bed, I have to admit I’m pretty jealous! x

  2. Valentine’s Day is looking bleak over here this year! It is my second annivarsary as well, but seeing as it’s my very last before my little one is due, it’ll be the perfect day for some me time. I won’t be getting any of that again for quite some time!

    1. Girl you’re definitely in need of some TLC! I hope that Mr of yours is planning on spoiling you rotten! How long do you have left before the little one is due to arrive?

  3. My current Valentine’s Day plan is looking like The Vampire Diaries, my bed and my cats. My life is so thrilling I know. Lol.
    These are some great ideas though.

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